KCL Professor appears on white supremacist talk show to attack Muslim migration

A controversial professor at King’s College London, who drew criticism recently for supporting Trump’s Muslim ban via twitter, was prompted by King’s faculty to apologise for his remarks following a petition sparked by the King’s College London Somali Society.


Dr Perkins stated in his apology:

“I would like to apologise wholeheartedly for any offence caused by my recent social media posts concerning use of the words “human capital” and my discussion of Swedish government data. It was not my intention to cause offence and my posts were part of an ongoing effort to understand disadvantage.”

A committee member for the King’s College London Somali Society responded to his apology saying:

‘The fact that he was attempting to even rationalise something so abhorrent, something that’s an infringement of human rights (as deemed by the UN), it was so overlooked by everyone. It is dangerous, and his attempt at an apology barely even scratches the surface of what was so painfully wrong.’

‘I sent an email on behalf of the Somali Society to the principal but this was actually ignored. There’s been no real support or acknowledgement of what’s happened from the college over two weeks later.’

Despite Dr Perkins’ apology, Mr Perkins made an hour-long appearance on ‘The Reality Calls Show’ an ‘alt-right’ talk show which interviews white nationalists and white supremacists. The Reality Calls Show was previously banned for its ‘anti-semitic’ and ‘vehemently racist’ video ‘white genocide’ which featured suggestions of a Zionist conspiracy causing mass migration, and random miscellaneous clips of violence from Muslim and Black people.





Tara’s videos focus on “race realism”, in a previous video she expressed that blacks shouldn’t be allowed into the USA to an African American, citing “the higher crime rates” as a reason.


Tara recently interviewed the former leader of the EDL, Tommy Robinson

On the talk show, Dr Adam Perkins discussed his book ‘The Welfare trait’ which was criticised for ‘showing causal links for his assertions’ by Essi Viding, professor of developmental psychopathology at University College London. The book was also damned for claiming that ‘welfare dependency can be bred out’.

Dr Adam Perkins commented in the interview:

Ethnic groups from the Middle East and Africa are very over represented in terms of crime, and also less likely to work…But it’s hard to say, is that personality? Maybe, but until you have sat people down and done the personality questionnaires it’s hard to untangle that from other factors’

Tara then added:

‘I guess the problem is that we don’t know, so we are taking a massive risk by importing them because we don’t know if their offspring will ever be able to assimilate’

Looking nervous following Tara’s comment, Dr Perkins then went on to agree with her, saying:

‘Yes, without having done research I think it’s irresponsible’

‘Would a government allow a jet airliner to take to the air if it hasn’t been tested, of course they wouldn’t’

‘Why do they allow things like this [migration of Middle Eastern and African migrants] to happen without doing research?’

King’s College Somali Society were approached for comment:

‘KCL Somali Society are shocked but unsurprised at the rhetoric in which Adam Perkins perpetuates, however this being examined and given heavy merit under abhorrent and intolerant far right platforms is unacceptable. We hope that the institution can look into this and finally take on less of a complicit stance’

‘It just goes to show that Perkins presents warped and dangerous data to audiences who already have a racist and toxic view on other demographics.’


  1. Pete Jackson says:

    We in the West live in interesting times. Our political states are extremist ideologues. They will permit no deviation of thought from State ideology.

    Any word or deed that is deemed to be ideologically impure must be attacked. The perpetrator must be castigated. Careers are ended, criminal charges brought, prison sentences served and lives destroyed. All in the name of “tolerance” “freedom” and “diversity”.


    The above article, its tenets and quotations are a perfect example of the phenomenon. The objection to Dr. Perkins and his comments, and to his appearance on an ideologically impure Youtube channel, is that to even think impure thoughts is “abhorrent”. The supposed “abhorrent” nature of Dr. Perkins’ comments is prima facie evidence that his comments are wrong. Res ipsa loquitur.

    Even more fascinating.

    The truth is that the different peoples of the World are different. Different physically, mentally, emotionally. Different in their behavioural characteristics and their capabilities. Evolution didn’t stop at the neck.

    The nature of a culture depends primarily from the nature of the people who create it. Europe is like Europe because Europeans live there. Africa is like Africa because Africans live there. Different parts of Asia are like different parts of Asia because different types of Asians live there.

    Each genotype recreates their homeland wherever they go. That is why different parts of White Western nations are becoming like parts of Africa or Asia. Or Amerindian.

    Everywhere in the White West the native peoples are being progressively displaced and dispossessed of their homelands. Dr. Perkins, like anyone who even questions the government policies that are the cause, is vilified.

    Those who virtue-signal their support for the ravaging of the native White western populations are applauded and are rewarded with career and monetary gains.

    Truly fascinating.

  2. Mikemikev says:

    Replacing Europeans with Somalis isn’t “abhorrent” at all.

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