Adulthood. This is Adulthood.
This is a central line train to the end of your life.
Change here for a career, or the motherhood line.
Please mind the gap between the platform and the train.

Make your decision before the delelelelele!
Don’t hesitate, don’t doubt.
Items trapped in the doors cause delays.
A small yellow sign says:


Get her something she’ll love this Christmas.
Let the whole world be merry and bright.
Don’t dabble in dangerous politics.
Don’t dither, just stand on the right.

There are minor delays on minority rights.
Good service on the rest of the line.
Please mind your step on the escalators.
And keep walking straight, you’ll be fine.

Move right down inside the carriages, please,
Keep an eye on your mobile phone.
Just fifty-nine quid to Croatia (return)
Keep calm and carry on.


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