The Angry Corner – Our Problematic Progress

I don’t know about you but I find myself smiling gleefully at the world now – both at the perilous future and the prospect of unity and working together for a better future. It might just be my slightly sinister sensibilities, or just my plain old demented sense of humour, but you have to agree we’re in for one hell of a show now!

So, for any nation to persist there are two essential states of being that are need to be realised, stability and progress. And thus, the two poles of politics are born from the wretched will of human desire for survival and betterment. But which do we focus on, and when? It seems to me that this is the question that is plaguing much of social and political discourse. If only we could collectively just decide for a bit, matters might not be so heated. How annoying. Perhaps this is the true reason we were thrown out of Eden. Stupid petty wanting humans.

Stability or Progress… Out of the two you only need to ask yourself which is more desirable to work out where you fundamentally stand politically and socially. Everything else about your views can be determined after. Teleology or Deontology, Pragmatism or idealistic thinking, and so on, all essentially have at their root an assumption about the direction of society.

Stability requires little effort, but requires restraint, and endurance. It also necessitates status, and in a global sense, falling behind. Progress requires risk and takes time, not to mention you have to determine if you can handle the disturbance of it, if you think you’re ready for it. For both, one must consider who it benefits, and who it violates. But then the invariable chasm of the generations reveals itself.

The otherwise harmless nostalgic yearning for the past which might have once stood for representing stability, mutates into the creature called regression, while the hope of the youth transfers into premature cynicism. Hence, current discourse is a chimera eating its respective parts to survive.

And yet I think people are beginning to pay more and more attention. I can see it now, bored, lazy or tired, apathy giving way to motivation and action. Violence and civic duty are coming. Here comes the colour of life, grey has been here for far too long. A strong sense of indignation arises, as factions of the people realise how blackened the souls of Theresa May and her band of reckless thugs are – if it wasn’t already obvious. But I can’t help but shake the sense that all will be forgotten again, as we trudge on wearily in our everyday lives.

I await the bloody ceremonial war that will make people realise that worldly violence is far too real. That the wars going on in foreign lands are not as removed as we make them out to be. I simultaneously scoff at and pray that the dehumanisation of humanity itself (as, I must admit, I see it) is being reversed under the sheer weight of the resolute human will. That the glorious thing that lies at the core of all of humanity breaks through to push society in one way or another.

Two steps forward, one step back. At least it’s movement.

In the end, we are all just humans trying to get on. Just that, apparently there exists those that want to take everyone else with them; at least that’s how factions now present each other, rightly or wrongly. It’s hilarious how we think of the middle-east being cursed by its tribal roots.

It does seem that those childish notions of progress and stability are meaningless now. Individual gains and a scramble for the scraps has fast become the respective endgames. So, do we raise civilisation to the ground to start anew in a different image, or begin building atop the foundation existing?

But don’t fret, and don’t get yourselves down, the games are just beginning. The castle is crumbling, so let’s see how this all concludes. I’m sure the fireworks will be beautiful.

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