Black Mirror – A reflection of our haunting dependency on technology

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I would like to take a moment out of your day, and simply turn your attention towards the mind-blowingly brilliant and diverse ‘Black Mirror’.

For those of you who are living blissfully unaware of this TV series, I implore you to sit down for a mere 44 minutes and watch the first episode – ‘The National Anthem’. That’s all I ask. Before you begin, I’ll give you a simple warning no one had offered me: you are about to watch some pretty weird, pretty gross, and pretty demeaning content.

The first episode is a bit like eating a whole tub of ice cream – you know you are in for the night, so you just start excitedly ploughing your way through it only to realise you are now starting to feel a bit sick; then you notice you are nearly at the end so you might as well continue; it all culminates in a combination of feelings,  slightly impressed you have finished it, and also slightly disgusted with yourself for having done so. Oh, and I also forgot to mention, throughout the 44 minutes, you’ll be second-guessing whether the prime minister will end up fucking a pig. And that is just the first episode.

Please don’t let that repulse you though. Simply close your eyes if things get a bit too much, and scream ‘What the fuck is happening?’ at your Netflix (this is what me and my flatmate ended up doing as we sat there in our pyjamas peeping through our fingers). Trust me, you’ll get over it by the time you’ve finished season 3, at which point you are questioning how our society has already become conditioned to live virtually through the means of social media, which is now considered the ‘new normal’.

If the prospect of ‘Black Mirror’ puts you off, then I’m afraid you’ve completely missed the point.

‘Black Mirror’ not only blows your mind in ways you do not expect, but it also explores and exposes the severe depth of the human race’s interaction with technology. The storylines continually portray a vision of a dystopian future gone overboard, where the damaging effects of technology are palpable. Charlie Brooker has beautifully crafted a series, along with the phenomenal actors, which contrastively ranges throughout every episode. I applaud all the writers involved for inviting us into a glimpse of the possible evolution of technology, and everything dark that comes along with it.

As viewers, you will be left desperately baffled at the end of each episode as you try to fathom and understand the last hour of your life. The best part of the show is that it is incredibly thought provoking and resonates long after the credits have rolled. After watching most of the episodes, my flatmate and I have been deeply shaken by the disturbing realisation that some of these concepts could become a reality in the future.

Just go, watch the episode, and have your mind blown!

(If you have been completely put off by the first episode, then I sympathise with you since it really is your loss. Nevertheless, you can always just start with the second episode instead).

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