Does Size Matter? Nike Says No With Their New Plus-Size Sports Range

Nike leads the way for more diversity in clothing brand’s sizing as they prove that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to sportswear. Their new women’s plus size range includes sizes 1X to 3X allowing women to praise the differences in their bodies rather than be excluded from big named brands.

Stereotypically plus sized women may have struggled to find good quality items of clothing designed specifically for active wear which had the correct fit. Don’t be fooled – Nike has been selling plus sized products for the last decade but they have typically never exceeded an XL and were set to fit more straight figured women rather than those with curves. This is a huge step for a sportswear brand to take as they are shaping the future for plus size clothing to become the norm on the high street.

The launch involves well known plus-size bloggers Grace F. Victory and Danielle Vanier, and US track and field athlete Amanda Bingson and models Naomi Shimada and Paloma Elsesser. The industry is finally starting to edge away from the exclusivity of the sporting culture which has surrounded high end and high street fashion up until this point. Nike are rebranding the image of an athlete and allowing women to feel confident in what they wear whilst striving for a healthier lifestyle.

The range provides a wide selection of sportswear including jackets, tops, leggings, shorts, hoodies and sports bras (which reach up to a size 38E). Allowing for women to have the freedom to choose whichever items of clothing they feel most comfortable in. With prices ranging from £25 to £125 there are items which are affordable for the majority of people. Not only are Nike bringing out a new line of clothing but they are not just sizing up their previous fits to work with the plus size range. Nike have remodelled all items of clothing as they say they understand that women are not the same size all over, meaning that these pieces are designed to fit and flatter every body type – not just the straight up and down figure we are so used to seeing in the media. Nike have hit the nail on the head by not compromising the style or fit of the clothing – the quality is still as good as it has been for their previous ranges.

Their slogan is ‘Just Do It’ and that is exactly what Nike did; paving the way for more diversity and acceptance of women’s bodies.

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