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With four years since their debut album Comfort, Splashh are finally back, proving that good things really do come to those who wait. With their second album Waiting A Lifetime (a convenient title) being released in April, the boys are heading out on a UK tour throughout the month and hitting up Peckham’s Bussey Building on the 26th. I threw some questions their way to find out what to expect from the grand return of Splashh.

First of all, how would you say the band has developed – in sound and personally – since the first album?

“When we started writing this album we thought we wanted to step it up a bit, trying out new techniques and having access to more gear helped us mature as a band and give us a lot more freedom to experiment.”

So how would you sum up the sound and intention of Waiting a Lifetime?

“Like I said, the intention was to just step up our game and try and move away from the ‘slacker’ tag that we seem to get associated with. We just wanted to make a record that we would all be into if we weren’t in the band.”

Was the writing and recording process any different from your debut?

“The first record was all written and recorded in Toto’s bedroom and it was never thought of as writing an album, just writing songs (as I’m sure most bands do). After we finished touring the first record, we had various stints in both New York and London to write. I wouldn’t say it was harder or easier, just different. When we were happy with what we had, we headed back to New York to record with Nico Vernes (who we always wanted to record an album with). Nico helped us tear up the versions of the songs we already had and rework them which was a lot of fun. It was also great to have someone there that wasn’t in the band to have fresh opinion on the songs we had been sitting in for a while.”

What were you listening to, or would say inspired you during the creation of this album?

“We were listening to a lot of different stuff in the period that we started the writing process to the recording process, Air, Brian Eno, The Durutti Column, Wire and The Gun Club to name just a few. I think you could probably say the places we were probably inspired and influenced a lot of the sound too.”

Which are your favourite songs, or ones you’re most proud of, off the new album?

“’No.1 Song In Hell‘ and ‘Look Down To Turn Away‘”

Which songs are you most looking forward to playing live and why?

“I’m looking forward to playing them all live, but I would say I’m most excited about the two songs I previously mentioned. ‘No.1 Song In Hell‘ just because its one of songs that feels good to play, and ‘Look Down To Turn Away‘ because its completely different and I think people would really get down on it.”

As you’re spending lots of time both sides of the Atlantic, where would you say you enjoy playing most, in the UK or the US?

“I don’t necessarily enjoy playing in one place more than the other, it’s just great to be able to play in both. Having said that, being from the UK it’s always exciting to play in new places, and it’s always very flattering/unexpected playing in a new country or city and people come out to see you.”

If you could tour with any band – either supporting you, or you supporting them – who would it be and why?

“I’d love to play some shows with Air, I’ve never managed to see them live before so that would be great. Also, it’s always good fun touring with your friends so I’d get Yak on the bill for some good times.”

What are your plans for summer 2017 (if you’re allowed to reveal any festival plans)?

“I can’t really say where we are heading, but there’s some new exciting trips planned, stay tuned!”

And finally, just out of interest, if you could be any animal for a day, what would it be and why?

“A dog, they have the life of riley and seem to be pretty happy all of the time…”

Waiting A Lifetime is released on 14th April and can be pre-ordered now:

Splashh will play Bussey Building on Wednesday 26th April. Tickets are on sale now:


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