Lingerie or Nay?


When getting ready to get down for some of us it’s as easy as whipping everything off and diving in, but for others it’s an occasion to get dressed up as opposed to dressed down. Be it your best undies, sexy lingerie, a naughty negligee, a certain costume or full on complete head to toe look- for some of us it can really enhance the mood in the bedroom. Particularly for women, there are whole shops and store sections dedicated to making us look the part in the bedroom. Designed to make us look enticing, sexy and the idea that hiding a little is hotter than baring it all- they convince us to spend our hard earned cash on our intimate occasions. But is it all worth it? Especially if the chances are it’ll end up coming off anyway.


Lingerie, or whatever your outfit preference, is a win win. Not only does it arouse and excite your partner but it also gives you a sense of style, sexiness and self-esteem when walking into the bedroom knowing you look damn good. If you have a particular kink or fetish, what you wear in the bedroom can transform the whole atmosphere and tone of sex. For some the type of sex they desire to have can be dependent on the aesthetics and additions of the clothing that they wear. The whole act of getting dressed up can be a kind of foreplay, knowing that you are making a special effort, perhaps surprising your partner or just pleasing yourself and boosting your confidence. Sex is always a treat but getting dressed up can be that little cherry on top!


It’s a scam. It’s just another sexual pressure we put on people to squeeze money out of them and then make them feel insecure in the bedroom. Looking at models in lingerie ads you can’t help but feel that your body just isn’t made to wear it, you feel you’re lacking the necessary curves and toned muscles, the wrong parts of you are bulging, and the parts that apparently should be perhaps don’t fill out the clothes like you wish they would. Anyway, shouldn’t sex be natural, about naked bodies together, who needs the frills and fancies of posh knickers? And who needs the extra effort, if you are wearing something special the rest of you should really be done up, hair, face and all that- who has time when sex should be in the moment and easy? Nothing is sexier than your naked natural self!

So what is the verdict?

For me dressing up is a special occasion type thing. Buying nice underwear is something I enjoy, knowing that it helps me present my body in a way I want it to be seen. However I rarely buy ones which I can’t double up as everyday underwear, Primark lacy bras and New Looks three for two knickers are my affordable but sexy go to. Occasionally Ann Summers will tempt me in with a sale. But for the most part I don’t worry, and just leave it to my little bod in its natural self. Therefore, when I do make the effort my boyfriend is all the more grateful for it. But that’s just me, comment and let me know what you think?

Lingerie or nay?

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