#March4Women: International Women’s Day March


The “March4Women’s” march at London Bridge on the 5th of March, took place to outline the many issues affecting women globally, paying particular attention to the issues affecting refugee women, in light of the “Muslim Ban”.

The march was organised by Care International, who said:

“CARE International’s #March4Women brings people together to end the injustice of gender inequality, and help make a more equal world – for everyone.”

Speaking at the event, Sadiq Khan – Mayor of London, inspired an excitable audience, stating: “This is what a feminist looks like”.

Sadiq went on to discuss his previous mayoral campaign pledge to be the “most pro- business Mayor London had ever had”, citing that 10 out of 16 of his business advisors are women.

far-left-Annie Lennox, Centre- Sadiq Khan, 2nd from right- Bianca Jagger

The event drew thousands of protesters, to take the march from City Hall across London Bridge, which was closed off for the event.

demonstrators in original suffragette uniforms

Former actress and Human rights activist, Bianca Jagger,  who organised the march was later asked on “Lorraine”: “why is this march so important to you?”

Ms. Jagger replied: “for many years we thought we were making great gains and suddenly Donald Trump became the president. when you think about the gender pay gap, the last report that came out told us that it will take 170 years to close that gap”

She continued: “I want women and men to think about it, that women are paid 18% less than men, in the US 20% and in the EU16%”

picture: getty

Another notable figure Eurhythmics’ Annie Lennox, when asked about Trump’s ‘locker room’ comments about “Grabbing them [women] by the pussy”, she replied:

“In a weird kind of way that kind of event that happened actually catalysed the issue for a lot of girls and women in a particular way that became very strong.”

“All of a sudden there were a lot of people putting on pink pussy hats and saying no.”

“It actually became very real for them, because when someone says ‘It’s just locker room talk’, actually don’t we think it’s time that we should address that particularly if they’re the leading representative of one of the biggest most influential countries in the world?”

annie lennox
singer, Annie Lennox picture:ES

“So in a funny way, the Donald Trump statement is almost helpful as a catalyst.”

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