SINGLE PREMIER: Sophie Longshaw’s ‘Hold You’

As a follow up to her stunning debut single releases in 2016 (which include a truly haunting cover of Muse’s ‘Supermassive Black Hole’), singer-songwriter Sophie Longshaw has returned with ‘Hold You’ – a soulful acoustic-electronic track recorded last summer.

Listen to the new single, ‘Hold You’ here:

Longshaw shows off some new strings to her bow, with a shimmer of electronic beats and a flourishing of strings. A production choice that reminds me of Massive Attack’s hit ‘Teardrop’. The opening lines – ‘I want to touch your skin/ Just let me breath you in’ – establishes a refined sensuality that is at the heart of the matter here. This is a subject matter that is increasingly becoming popular with the female singer-songwriter. Yet, Longshaw’s vocals move her away from the pack. It’s a voice akin to Birdy’s – deep and earthy, undershot with a piercing self-consciousness. It’s the star of the show.

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