The Fantasia Show

In the midst of all the politicised and highly opinionated shows on the catwalk, there was one that stood out to me.

Mary Katrantzou’s show simply took me to a dreamland that was sweet and bold at the same time.

The opening look was definitely a great statement; fluffy sleeves, midi skirt in thick woollen fabric, bleached eyebrows and sleek hair.

The looks were quite discreet, tailored but undoubtedly chic and by the middle of the show it became clear that Mary started deviating from her initial wild prints to more toned down, much more minimal embellishments with splashes of rosy pink and sunny yellow.

Soon, the tailored skirts were replaced by flowy, maxi dressed with glitter and small prints of Tinker Bell.

After the show Katrantzou said “I was thinking of different kingdoms, the Magic Kingdom and ‘Fantasia,’ which I first saw when I was about 10, and how Disney used the music to animate the characters, I wanted to counterbalance that with the Forties, and the heroines of film noir.”

‘Fantasia’ was a groundbreaking masterpiece of an extraordinaire group of creators. They dared to leave all the conservative interpretations of the classical tunes, and instead let their imaginations decide the plots for cartoons.

The film’s release coincided with the end of the Great Depression, exquisitely manifesting beauty and charm in their simples, most innocent way.

Similarly, Katrantzou’s collection is a pure product of creativity and vision, rather than of subjective opinions. Indeed, sometimes art has to stay as art and fashion has to be just about aesthetics and styles; and this show was a stunning example of that.

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