REVIEW: Sisteray’s ‘15 Minutes’

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“It’s all happening”



It’s all happening for Sisteray, a four-piece band from Walthamstow who are currently causing a buzz and re-writing the indie guitar rule book. And let’s face it, that book has been lying in a dusty corner for some time now. It really does need a resurgence.

The band’s new recording project entitled ‘15 Minutes’ brings the ferocious energy back to guitar music, allowing the wheel of revivalism to continue spinning. The project takes its inspiration from the famous Andy Warhol quote – “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. This is where Sisteray have been canny in recognising the zeitgeist of our time: fleeting fame is not something that is avoided but something that is sought after.

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Vallance Records


The whole of ’15 minutes’ is fearless and fast (emphasis on the fast here). The opener, ‘Queen’s English’ begins with the plummy voice of the Queen herself before pulling the carpet from under your feet with an Oasis-esque, distorted guitar riff. ‘We don’t speak the Queen’s English’ snarls Niall, while the drums drive the song to it’s pinnacle: an anthemic punk solo. It’s Sisteray’s strongest track to date.

The iconoclastic message is carried through with songs such as ‘Faaast Food’ and ‘Famous or nothing’, which all pair raging lyrics with urgent riffs. Though, that is not to say that the lyrics are simply pointing the finger. On the contrary, they’re witty and have a committed eye for detail – “well you brought the sun back, or is it your spray tan? Essex orange, your face sprayed with ray-bans”.

By putting all the tracks together ‘15 minutes’ doesn’t add up to fifteen minutes (it’s a minute out). Sisteray’s time of fame still hasn’t reached its conclusion and ironically, I don’t think it will for a long time.


Sisteray’s ’15 Minutes’ will be released by Vallance Records on the 14th April.

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