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Are you interested in gaining experience within the media industry and looking for ways to get involved? Look no further! Read on about how you can get involved and learn about the work Journo Resources are doing in association with the SPA and the Media Society here at QM.

What is SPA?

The Student Public Association is made up of more than seventy publications across two countries and it is completely free to join. The SPA helps student papers challenge censorship of media, run masterclasses for writers, and negotiate exclusive deals for SPA members.

What’s more, SPA members have access to useful resources for training to help student writers develop powerful written communication skills. SPA provide support and guidance for student journalists and their work is fundamental to help student media become the best it can be.

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The SPA Awards & Competitions

SPA hold prestigious national awards every year, as well as keeping track of scholarships and competitions across the UK.
What do Journo Resources do?

Journo Resources gives people the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience within the media industry. They are growing a range of brand new and unique resources – based solely on what students and recent graduates are looking for. They also ask for feedback on their findings, which helps everyone out!

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Graduate Schemes

Journo Resources provides the only complete list of journalism graduate schemes in the UK – this is updated every two weeks on their website. The opportunities are categorised within months, so you have the chance to work on your applications as you carry out your daily activities – an informed, stress free way to kick-start your career.

You can also get a free monthly reminder email of paid schemes and paid part-time work straight to your inbox – Journo Resources only send out paid opportunities (at least the minimum working wage), which is definitely in the interests of those of us on a student budget.


Journo Resources has now launched their mentoring scheme – it is open all year round, and aimed at pairing aspiring journalists and recent graduates with those already making their way in the industry.

It is a competitive scheme, but definitely worth applying for as you will be paired with people already making strides in the industry they are equally passionate about. This will not only help you in your work, but also in your passion, as you will be receiving advice from those who have been in your position before, and can offer you great guidance.

Examples of some of the current mentors are Erica Buist from The Guardian, Tahlie Copper from Diffusion PR, Kiran Kaur from Sky News Radio, and many more! A complete list of the current mentors, and information on how to apply for the scheme, can be found at:

The Awards

Last but not least, Journo Resources provides the only complete list of awards that student journalists can win in the UK!

Some examples of upcoming Awards include the Anthony Howard Political Prize, where the successful applicant can win a £25,000 prize and placements at the New Statesman, The Observer and The Times. More information about this specific prize can be found here:

There are a number of amazing opportunities available for Young and Student Journalism Awards on the Journo Resources website –

It is updated at least once a month, and there is lots of information for how to get involved with different things.

There is something for every aspiring student-writer, so it’s worth taking a look to see the ways you can get involved during this year.


To keep up to date with the latest Journo Resources posts on jobs and opportunities, check out SPA’s group on Facebook.

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