The Wonderland Bar at The Vaults

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Les Enfant Terribles’ immersive production: ‘Alice’s Adventures underground’, has kicked off at The Vaults in Waterloo for the season, accompanied by a wave of tremendous reviews. Apart from the curious adventure audience members can go on within the show, the venue have also created a ‘Wonderland Bar’, with a whole host of drinks, food, and fun to enjoy whilst waiting for your show or just a night out! I went along to check it out…

The Venue:

Situated underground, the venue is a dark wonder, with walls adorned with fairy lights and a giant moon-faced clock gazing over the whole bar. There are plenty of places to sit and even a mezzanine bar with seats that overlook the venue. There is also a cool photobooth (which makes GIFs!) as well as a Face-In-Hole photo opportunity flat. Members of the cast dressed in the most colourful, mad outfits wander around the bar, interacting with you, performing circus tricks and maybe even a spot of croquet! Everywhere you look there is something interesting to catch your eye and be entertained by.

Photo Credit: Rah Petherbridge
Photo Credit: Rah Petherbridge

The Drinks:

I love a cheeky cocktail, and Smith and Sinclair certainly had my mouth watering with their tasty selection of drinks at their bar. The seven cocktails are all themed around Wonderland, with names such as: “Painting the Roses Red” and “Talking Flowers”. I decided to try a “Who Stole All the Tarts?” which was a mix of vodka, rhubarb, and lemon, sweetened with jam and garnished with one of Her Majesty’s jam tarts! It was truly delicious. My friend had a ‘Cheshire Cat’, which tasted like Calpol or some other sweet medicine, and changed colour which was pretty cool and magical….
Of course, the bar also had the usual selection of beers, wines, and soft drinks for those that didn’t fancy being too adventurous.

Photo Credit: Rah Petherbridge
Photo Credit: Rah Petherbridge

The Food:

Provided by Saucy Chip, the range of fast food on offer to accompany a cocktail was great. Whether that’s cheesy chips (coated with four varieties and cheese sauce!), Mad Hatter’s Mac N’Cheese, or a ‘Frabjous Falafel Burger’, there is a choice for everyone to dig into before joining in all the mad fun!

So why not head along for this experience which makes you feel that, like Alice, you have fallen down a rabbit hole and emerged in a bonkers world where everything gets curioser and curioser…

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