This Bubblewrap Dessert is a Tantalising Trap

Nick Fewings © 2017 ***

You may be a seasoned Londoner or you may be a tourist fresh off the boat, but after a few days of exploring all of London’s scenic routes you may begin to consider yourself an expert. You start at Westminster and meander past the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye down Southbank, past the relic of skating culture that sits incongruously but charmingly along the river. It is an infamous skatepark where, on more than one occasion, you may be offered to buy a questionably smelling cigarette. You visit the Abbey, you drop into a plethora of free museums to fill your cultural quota for the year, you pay quirky Camden Town a firm visit, you immerse yourself in the stars by heading to Greenwich Observatory, you visit every nook and cranny so you don’t expect to find the next big trend.

But London never lets you down. The city is unique and it redeems itself by surprising you. Doing London is always better as a duo so a friend and I allowed ourselves the indulgence to be bewitched by this city once more and go full tourist, cameras at the ready, selfie mode engaged. We did London proud and found ourselves in the middle of Leicester Square, feet aching from a day of Olympic-style power walking and bellies full from some cheap and greasy but succulent food place (because we all have to survive on a crummy student budget). We’re sitting outside M&M world observing sugar-crazed children running back and forth from one chocolate heaven store to the cartoon heaven opposite: the Nickelodeon store. All observers of the phenomenon probably make the same mental note; never come here with children if I want to leave here alive and not completely broke.

We are circling vultures ready for dessert, even though our teeming bellies are still in the process of forming a food baby. Two girls walk past us with a cone-like concoction that looks like a waffle, except that it’s exterior is dotted with rounded edible bulges. Ice cream screams out of the top of the cone, as does chocolate sauce, strawberries, icing sugar, Oreos, pretty much any candy that panders to your tastebuds was on the mysterious dessert-food. Our eyes ogled the beautiful tantaliser and our feet followed suit. We circled around the girls like grade-A stalkers for a few minutes until, finally, we read ‘Bubble Wrap’ off the label. An odd-seeming name at first until your mind pieces together how befitting it is.


Golden air-pockets are interweaved into the pancake-like cone of doughey goodness. They melt in the mouth and are not too heavy and just as satisfying to eat as bubblewrap is to pop. We began to frantically search for the bakery responsible for 2017’s answer to the cronut, the gastronomic bubblewrap burrito of brilliance. The search took us into Chinatown; 24 Wardour Street to be exact, and that’s when we spotted the queue. If anything was truly an abyss, this was it. Fast-forward two-and-a-half hours and we finally tasted the sweet nectar of the next big dessert craze. Call us crazy for waiting so long for a few minutes of pleasing the palette, but at theme parks we wait for hours for a few minutes of adrenaline. Food is life and the wait is worth it. Check it out for yourself!

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