How To Stay Motivated!

DISCLAIMER: This article was inspired by hearing about success stories and listening to motivational speakers – like Eric Thomas. This is not, in any way, an official guideline for seeking inspiration; it is just a way of sharing thoughts on the topic of Motivation.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘Motivation’ as:

The (conscious or unconscious) stimulus for action towards a desired goal, esp. as resulting from psychological or social factors; the factors giving purpose or direction to human or animal behaviour.

What is Motivation?

Drawing from the definition stated above, Motivation is a driving force that gives you a reason to wake up in the morning, so that you can achieve your end goal. The fact that you have been blessed with this opportunity should make you want to use it to your full potential.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger says how, by setting yourself a goal, you’re giving yourself a vision which you will ultimately want to turn into a reality [sic]. He achieved his status as one of the world’s greatest bodybuilders by placing pictures of prominent athletes, such as Muhammad Ali, onto his walls. These images were a source of motivation for Schwarzenegger, which were subjective to him.

Common goals people want to achieve today include: good grades at school or university, a successful career, increasing one’s confidence, and some may be working towards having their own family, but these are just to name a few on this never-ending list. It’s evident that the majority of us are all striving to achieve similar goals, and so, the question arises…
How does one differentiate themself from the next person?

  1. Pick a field in which you want to achieve success – by doing this, you are setting yourself a focus which will help guide you and, ultimately, stop you from being distracted by a million and one other things which might look attractive, but are not necessarily things you want to achieve.
  2. Set yourself a goal (it sounds repetitive but this is key) – having a goal gives you a reason to wake up every morning, it’s essentially what you live for, and gives you purpose in life. Without it, you’re dormant to your dreams.
  3. Being one step ahead of everyone else – taking initiative by keeping up to date with information about your chosen field will always be beneficial to you. This might just be spending five minutes a day learning something new, or adding a new contact to your phonebook, which can make a significant difference.
  4. Be consistent – getting into a routine with the mindset of achieving your goal. Whenever you do fall into a slump or feel demotivated, remind yourself of why you’re doing these things. Without struggle there is no success.
  5. Optimism – Surround yourself with positive company who will encourage you to achieve your goals. It is likely that they too will have goals, therefore, you can all motivate each other.

Having read all of this, some of you may doubt whether Motivation even exists (which is fair!) but if it didn’t, what would drive people towards achieving their goals?

If renowned figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks and Albert Einstein weren’t driven with motivation, would they have made the same impact on the world? These are just a few questions to ponder when deciding whether or not Motivation is a driving force in your perspective.

To end, here are a few sources of motivation which may be helpful: family, religion, famous figures, life-span, money, happiness, and motivational speakers. These are just suggestions, so the real question is…What motivates you?

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