Loaded Burgers Review

Photo Credit: http://loadedburgersfranchise.co.uk

I am always on the hunt for a good burger place and recently stumbled upon: ‘Loaded Burgers’ and I am delighted to say that they didn’t fail to deliver. The term ‘loaded’ is defined as having a full load, and this is definitely what is on offer at Loaded Burgers, who boast of filling and wholesome portion sizes.

It is as if the restaurant has carefully chosen ingredients and perfectly assembled them together to create the perfect burger. Not a fan of burgers? Well do not stop reading now. For Loaded also offer a variety of other options, ranging from milkshakes, to buffalo wings drenched in sauce and even chicken waffles. I went for the ‘classic chicken burger option’, however I can say that all the burger combinations boast of both a ‘beef’ or a chicken option. The classic burger comes with a succulent juicy chicken or beef piece, cheese, caramelised onions, lettuce, onions and tomato dressed in their signature loaded burger sauce. If that isn’t enough (and you aren’t already drooling by now) each burger is also sandwiched between a soft, buttery brioche bun which soaks up the flavour so that every bite gives you a burst of heaven in your mouth.

Classic Chicken Burger & Fries Photo Credit: Nasaybah Hussain
Classic Chicken Burger & Fries
Photo Credit: Nasaybah Hussain

Regarding drinks, I decided to opt for a mojito instead of my usual fizzy drink and was pleasantly surprised. I went for the classic original mojito while my friend ordered the strawberry mojito. Both were served in a cold mason jar, icy and minty, and then topped off with a rim of sugar. They were perfectly refreshing, packed with strong, sweet flavours, and the ideal antidote for a hot summers day. 

Classic Mojito Photo Credit: Nasaybah Hussain
Classic Mojito
Photo Credit: Nasaybah Hussain

However it is not just the food that is immaculately presented, the decor of the restaurant is another selling point to tempt customers. One of the first things that draws your eye is the back row which is entirely made out of denim jeans and is surprisingly very comfortable to sit against. Lights are made out of mason jars and everything is crafted towards a rustic and modern hipstery feel; a theme was carried out throughout the restaurant, from the layout to the presentation of food in metal trays.

The restaurant creates a welcoming, friendly family atmosphere for all ages, with great service, great decor, but more importantly great food. So what are you waiting for? Why not head down to Loaded Burgers and put my glowing review to the test? I dare you… 

Full Menu: http://www.loadedburgers.co.uk/menu/Loadedburgers_menu_v4.pdf

Address: 68 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4NH – located on Cranbrook road, and is a 5 minute walk from the station.

Nearest Station: Ilford Overground Station

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