Personal Platform’s Six Word Short Story Collection.

The myth surrounding the six-word short story goes like this. American writer, Ernest Hemingway, is drinking with fellow writers in a restaurant in New York. His breath stinking of whiskey, Hemingway slams the table with his hand and bets ten dollars that he can write an entire story in only six words. His peers look around and each one takes out ten dollars from their pockets and places it on the table. Hemingway takes a napkin, pulls out a stubby pencil and begins to write. The table waits. Taking one final look at his work, the author turns over the napkin and leaves it upside down it in the middle of the table. “Go on man!” he booms at no one in particular. One of them reaches in and turns it over. All the eyes peer over at the napkin. Scrawled in the centre is this: For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Hemingway’s hearty chuckle breaks the silence, and he proceeds to collect his winnings.


“No submissions yet, you write one” – Friend of editor.

We left angels in the snow. – Will Martineau

Trevor Nelson raised a wild boar. – Lewis Todd

‘Who are you?’ ‘Mother, it’s me.’ – Seren Haf Morris

She rolled over, hugging his absence – Jacob Moreton

Scars on my skin mean nothing. – K. L. D

Time died in the waiting room. – Sophie Mitchell

Blood on tracks, TFL regrets delays. – Jacob Finlay

Half bitten apple stained with death – Greg Dimmock

She swallowed me like bubble gum. – Will Martineau

A wild boar killed Trevor Nelson.  – Lewis Todd

‘I’m trapped. Help me before they…’ – Daniella Harrison

The door ajar, reddened bathwater overflowing – Jacob Moreton

Spray hits car; destinations slip away. – Greg Dimmock

Found: torn red cape; Grandma’s bones. – R. G. Woolf

Two tickets, empty seat, broken heart. – Seren Haf Morris

The mourners queue, again, for Trevor – Lewis Todd

To buy: ready meal, rosé, rope. – Will Martineau

Staring at the ceiling, both floored – Abigail Hanley

‘I wouldn’t.’ She does. They Sigh. – Lewis Todd

Tender barren love, created positive miracle – R. M. B.

Laughter reverberated, but darkness always persisted – Greg Dimmock

They sold the world, discount price. – Sophie Mitchell

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