Text in the city

Text in the City



Have you ever had such a compelling conversation that you end up typing away on your phone way into the early hours of the morning? Sacrificing precious sleep to drink in facts about the other person’s life and history. When you wake up bleary eyed the next morning you are filled with a feeling of such content… Tell me honestly now, does that not beat the ‘morning after’ regret?

Coming to uni, there’s never a shortage of one-night stand anecdotes and embarrassing cringe-worthy date stories circulating campus; I think everyone can relate to having a few uncomfortable ‘encounters.’ But what I truly love is when you meet someone with whom you can form a connection with which isn’t just skin deep. This doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic; it can be a friendship which you know will continue as long as you both shall live. Fast forward a few years the connections made in uni could form the substance for future marriages or maids of honour/best men, even godparents of future babies… But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here; anyhow, it all begins with someone who you know will be a fundamental part of your future. In terms of romantic relationships, with this person you aren’t interested in playing games or messing around. The dating etiquette and rules of how long to wait before texting, how many messages is it acceptable to send in a row before getting a response becomes forgotten when you are genuinely interested in someone. Nothing else seems to matter except the small details and things you grow to love about the other person.

Over time I have learnt that taking the time to get to know someone and building trust can heighten any potential attraction multiple times. When you know someone’s personality it becomes intrinsically linked to them and even imprinted upon them in a way that is impossible to un-see.

Don’t get me wrong I can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing male (or female) as much as the next person. On the other hand, having a physical attraction is fairly common, in fact it can be a bit of an anticlimax once you have passed the initial flirtation phase and discovered a lack of depth behind the misleadingly buff exterior. Soon after this and the spark is extinguished. What is much more exciting in my eyes, is meeting someone who challenges your mind and lights up your day with a simple conversation. Although this can be more of a slow burner as attraction grows, rest assured one day the fireworks display will be epic. excitement which grows over time equates to the best sort of emotional foreplay that exists. Growing closer emotionally to someone introduces a whole new realm of intimacy.

Intimacy is not about who we let touch us, it’s about who touches our mind and stimulates our memories in the most beautiful way. Ultimately, no clothes need to be ripped to the floor, for us to bare all.

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