A Pig and Pepper


Today involves some housekeeping.

I’m currently packing my things, horrifically I’ll add, to go and stay at my grandparents’ house in Barkingside, East London, on my own – won’t lie a tad scared. However, it isn’t for no reason. I am going to begin a month long work experience/placement thing at a ‘bespoke travel company’. During which I’ll be researching, writing and updating social media.

Also OMG it’s down Baker Street and as I’m a huge Sherlock fan, this is like a room full of chicken nuggets.

Sounds like I’m bragging, I’m not, just quite happy I’m not spending the rest of the summer continuing to work in a stable – the smell. Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning this is because I remembered how the other week I did an article explaining how it’s ok to try and relax and not stress, overtly, about getting placements, holidays, festivals and jobs all at once over summer.

Yep, I took a sh*t load of rejection, sent so many emails and harassed many assistants, but finally I’ve got something. It’s unpaid and I might have to make a lot of tea and coffee, but it’s a start. I’ve managed to work a fair bit, I’ve been on holiday and I’ve seen my friend’s loads. Plus I’ve managed, just about, to write this column.

It’s cr*p that it took a lot of ‘no’ and some tears; yes, I overreacted but my boyfriend is in China working for a TNC law firm so I got concerned. And still, I kept looking for opportunities, making sure my cover letters were as good as they could be, Grammarly is helpful and during term time the uni offers advice on CVs and cover letters, and not taking those rejections to heart, well not all the time.

Thing is I was originally applying for a paid internship at the company, but I didn’t get it. Instead of accepting this and despite my step mum telling me and that “I needed to resign myself to the fact it wasn’t happening this summer and I’d looked too late” I emailed them back.

I asked for feedback as to why I didn’t get the position, always helps for your next application, and also I enquired if they offered unpaid work placements.

Well obviously the answer was yes, they are even offering training.

To sum up, don’t make yourself feel like sh*t if you get your 5th or 9th “no”. Ask them the right questions and just keep trying.

And have fun! I have friends who didn’t go to university and the thing they miss the most is having three or four months to do whatever they want. Be productive but remember you’re only this age once, f*ck I sound old so no point spending it worrying about things that, realistically, don’t impact your future in a negative way.


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