Bluedot Festival

7-9 July 2017

Lovell Telescope, Jodrell Park, Cheshire

Good news for those of us who enjoy a good psychedelic party as much as an eye-opening lecture on the nature of life. Our planet’s achievements in music, art, science and space exploration are celebrated together in the explosive programme of the weekend-long Bluedot Festival, taking place beneath the Grade I listed Lovell Telescope in Jodrell Park, Cheshire.

Midnight stargazing, tours around the imposing deep space research site and planetarium shows all set the scene for the overwhelming amount of talks. Discussing everything from the macro to the micro, from the exploration of space to the anthropocene, genetics to the interrelation of electrons and music, artificial intelligence to darknet and the snappily-titled talks promise a roller-coaster of ideas throughout the weekend.

The line-up is a varied mix of international headliners and underground darlings, programmed together to present the diversity of psychedelic tendencies and mechanic experimentations. The legends of UK dance music Orbital and Leftfield will headline alongside the alt-rock Pixies and indie-rock Alt-J, and it’s exciting to see the likes of Flamingods, The Comet Is Coming, Factory Floor, and even Diabel Cissokho on the same bill.


And there’s also the art. COSMOS is an artistic commission using the structure of the Lovell Telescope as screen for projecting audio-visual artwork generated in response to the live radio signals received by the dish. In this inauguratory year, the artist selected is the award-winning Tokyo-based Media Artist, DJ and Programmer, Daito Manabe.

Art and culture are united with feats of science and technology also in the light-and-colour temple Luminarium, Night Chorus by electronically-augmented trees, Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition, Simon Buckley’s workshop on low-light photography, science-fiction comedy, and even a screening and live re-score of The Moomins and the Comet.

Weekend & day tickets available:

Beyond the headliners – our top picks:

● Live performance by Bruno Spoerri of the 1978 cult classic The Sound of The UFOs
● Delia Derbyshire Day – 80th Anniversary Tribute
● Flamingods
● Factory Floor
● Diabel Cissokho

● Transhumanism – can you afford to live forever? (Professor Steven Fuller)
● Creativity in a world of machines (Arthur Miller)
● Breakthrough Listen: Searching for Intelligent Life Beyond Earth (Andrew Siemion)
● How to be a rocket woman? (Vinita Marwaha Madill)
● Where is All the Antimatter? (Chris Parkes)

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