Final Stroke – A Found Poem

As anyone who has taken the Modernism module whilst studying English Literature at Queen Mary will know, a Found Poem is created by taking words, phrases and passages from other sources and rearranging them into a somewhat coherent poem, unless, of course, you are a Dadaist – that poetry can be pretty much nonsensical. For one of my portfolio assessments, I was tasked with setting an alarm every hour on the hour, from 9am until 9pm and, once it went off, recording the immediate thing that came into my mind. I would then have to analyse that poem and this method, but, as that is boring, I will only give you the objects, songs, phrases, titles and lyrics that sprung up during what was a pretty chaotic day in London and the final poem which is hopefully somewhat coherent, somewhat thought provoking and somewhat acceptable. 

My found phrases:

  • 9am: Cavalry Twill, Hair and Body Wash.
  • 10am: Arms and the Boy
  • 11am: Huge Black Friday Sale! Buy 3, Get 3 Free!
  • 12pm: “The coats and jackets with red labels.”
  • 1pm: Cured Meat from Carnivore Club.
  • 2pm: The Attica Uprising.
  • 3pm: “25 to Oxford Circus.”
  • 4pm: Goodbye Blue Sky.
  • 5pm: The Family Vault of a Mr William Bury.
  • 6pm: High Spirits, Low Prices.
  • 7pm: Double time swing.
  • 8pm: DNA of Mathematics.
  • 9pm: The Boatman’s Call.

Final Stroke

Boy, 25,

Twill hair.

The body of the cavalry from

The Carnivore Club.

Cured, huge arms and

Low prices.

A vault of uprising red spirits.


The circus of the blue sky,

A free DNA swing!





A Friday


The Boatman’s low call




Mr William Bury, family,

3 coats 3 jackets,

From Oxford mathematics

To high price labels.

Wash the meat

And buy the goodbye.

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