H&M: The Collaborations Creating Experiences


From Jimmy Choo to Roberto Cavalli, Balmain to Lanvin, H&M has a history of creating of desirable collaborations and bringing these creations to the masses. One of the most important areas of debate surrounding fashion is that of accessibility, or rather, inclusivity versus exclusivity. In comparison to their fellow fashion retailers, H&M continues to be consistent in giving the public an opportunity to gain access to luxury fashion designer’s work. In this regard, there appears to be a shift in the paradigm of fashion, with rap artists such as Nicki Minaj and Future, as well as supermodel Ashley Graham wearing H&M to the 2017 Met Gala in New York City. These artists wearing a retailer-made design as opposed to designs from a fashion house, has created a movement in which wearing an accessible brand at such a level of excess is ‘in fashion’, is acceptable, and is cool. This has raised the idea of feeling luxurious, without having to pay the luxurious price.

Too often, there is a sense of being distanced from fashion in a more physical manner – for the majority of us, being able to own a Victoria Beckham piece or an Alaïa piece is a rarity. And so, the extremities of high-end and low-end, is, for the duration of a H&M collaboration, temporarily closer than before.

H&M’s latest collaboration is with Canadian and British designer, Erdem Moralioğlu who founded the brand, ERDEM in 2005. Typically known for his vibrant, flower-centric prints and flowing dresses, Erdem’s collection with H&M is sure to be of the same ilk.

What separates this collection from previous collections, is that this collaboration feels as if it were a more holistic experience. The idea of venturing out from the aesthetic form to the cinematic form seems slightly more all-encompassing. Specific to this H&M collection, Australian film director, Baz Lurhmann is creating a short film to go alongside the collection itself. There is, perhaps, an element of fantasy within Erdem’s designs, and so collaborating with Luhrmann, whose films are stylistically grandiose, rich and playful seems to be a great fit.

The trailer for the short film, linked below, contains elements of romance, fantasy, discovery and a sizeable amount of dramatically running – all set at a luxurious country house and gardens. Even from the trailer, the compromise between the occasional subtlety of Erdem’s designs and grandeur of Luhrmann’s work is present. If anything, the trailer is representative of one of the most prominent features of both artists work –romance. There is an overt sense of elegance to be expected from the collection, as well as a beautiful piece of work from Luhrmann.


ERDEM x H&M Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgd9ox_AM5A

ERDEM x H&M is available in selected stores on November 2nd 2017.

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