Dear Bronte – I’m in Love With My Uni Housemate

Dear Bronte

So I’m completely head over heels for my housemate. He’s getting over an ex and I’m getting over another guy I really like. 

I know I’m probably only really into him as a rebound for this other guy since I won’t be seeing him over summer and he’s messed me around a lot, But I don’t want to make things complicated in my house but I can’t help but to flirt with him.

How should I go about the situation? I’ve only just moved in with him so we’ve got a whole year together 


Dear Ro,


Where you go from here depends on how you feel about the boy you are currently getting over and whether your housemate is moving on from his ex. The last thing you want is to move things too quickly with your flatmate and end up leading him on, or vice versa. It sounds like the last guy you were with gave you a hard time and you don’t want that to happen to you again!


Catching feelings for someone else whilst you’re trying to get over an ex isn’t always a bad thing and doesn’t necessarily mean that they are just a rebound. However, I would advise you to tread carefully in this situation. Gradually get to know your flatmate in this new environment, spend time with him and every so often, reflect on your feelings towards him, people can be very different when you actually start living with them…trust me…


However, you might find that you two really do get on well together and living with each other may bring you closer together- give it time and the feelings towards one another will become apparent.


I wish you the best of luck and hope this helps! Lot’s of love, Bronte xxx


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