Last Week

Centimetre by centimetre

You opened up a hole in me

At the start I barely noticed

Until I

Was standing at the airport gate

Too early leaving you behind

And realising too late


My back to the departure lounge to cover up my pain

I watch the planes go one by one

Carrying bits of me into the future

But taxiing towards my chin

Are all the bits I leave in Spain

They take off

Gently wet a ground that seldom feels rain


Was that look you wore when reading engineered in Switzerland?

To make my pliant wayward mind reach out across the sand


A fly caught in your clockwork I’ll

Be waved away again when you

Across your thirty centilitres

Look at someone new

Now all my colour coded plans

Have faded into shades of blue

And words they have less meaning in

One language than in two


It doesn’t make a lot of sense

But it’s by inches that I sew

The hole in me you left behind

The only way I know

I drop a stitch when things you said

Come back

My eyes begin to leak

And I’m lost

The world is bigger than it was

Last week

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