The Brand of Alexa Chung

All secret and not-so-secret fans of Alexa Chung – REJOICE!

Everything you saw her wearing, everything you wanted to have but could never find has finally been put together by none other than Alexa Chung herself, for us regular folks to buy.

Her brand’s name is *drumroll* Alexachung. But if you think about it, there could have been no better name for it. It is the definition of Alexa’s own style. It’s not your ordinary high street or luxury fashion brand, it’s more than the average fashion brand because it is personal and unique to Alexa Chung.

On the other hand, it would be fair to say that the brand has been greatly overrated, undoubtedly, Alexa has a beautiful sense of style, but isn’t it all about good timing? 70s dresses, shirts with frills, overalls and floral dresses are all ‘in’ this season. Indeed, there could have been no better time for the launching of the brand.

But, what I do appreciate immensely about Alexa is that she has really managed to convey her own style through the first collection. From denim overalls to floral dresses and some cheeky pieces of jewellery, she has shared it all and now we can have it too.

Her collection has been unmoved by the high street styles and the contemporary pret-a-porter, it is true to her own unique style, which deserves praise. It could be that the launching of it has magically coincided with the current trends, but whichever way you turn it the collection is superb.

The price range is slightly higher than what my student budget will allow me but it is not ridiculous and I would say it looks pretty good value. All in all, the first collection is quite promising and I hope to see more Alexa Chung inspired pieces

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