The House Upon the Hill

Once upon a lonely hill,

There stood a house with painted doors,

A box beneath the window sill,

A view across the moors.


I made a promise once to buy

That god-forsaken patch of hell.

And now, however hard I try,

I can’t escape its spell.


My love was born a wild thing,

Whom no-one could domesticate,

But duty and a broken wing

All but sealed her fate.


She saw the house and fell in love

With wooden floors and chimney piece.

Now all the gods and saints above

Can’t give her mind release.


The owner had agreed a price,

But money’s not the real cost

And neither prayer nor sacrifice

Can give back what I lost.


Each in turn, we play our roles

And families and homes collapse.

The landlords of our broken souls

Refuse to fix the taps.


The house, it stole my lover’s heart

And slowly wore her smile away

Until she bid her soul depart,

Her body to decay.


And when the night grows black as sin,

They say her ghost remains there still,

For weeping can be heard within

The house upon the hill.

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