100 Wardour ST Bar & Lounge: The Review

Photo Credit: Nicole Brownfield

100 Wardour Street was right up my street (pardon the pun) and I think it will be right up yours too- especially when you hear the exclusive deal that I have been asked to share with all of CUB magazine’s readers…

As part of their new ‘Cocktail Tasting’ series, for £20 per person, the Bar & Lounge is offering customers the chance to sample three specialist cocktails, lovingly crafted by their talented team of mixologists. Having been invited to take part in a variation of this said experience (two cocktails for a friend and myself); I am personally unable to find a fault with the mixologists and their attention to detail. Having spoken to a few behind the bar, all are filled with the same electric enthusiasm and passion for making unique cocktails that are guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied. The cocktail menu itself can be summed up in one word: eclectic, for alongside the classics, they fall under four different headings: Aperitifs, Bartenders Creation, Twists on Classics, and Digestifs. What’s more, the themes of the cocktails tailored specifically to the taster sessions, are even more diverse in choice, celebrating everything from Wimbledon, a ‘Tiki Summer’, and of course classic cocktails such as the humble Martini.

'Mrs Warwick' Photo Credit: Nicole Brownfield
‘Mrs Warwick’
Photo Credit: Nicole Brownfield

The Cocktail Tasting sessions are available all day Monday through to Thursday, and until 8pm on a Friday. However the Bar & Lounge also has upcoming themed cocktail tasting sessions lasting the duration of a fortnight and with names such as: ‘Asian Influence’ (25th September – 8th October) and ‘From Scotland with Love’ (9th October – 22nd October) standing out amongst many. For the full list of themed sessions available, please click the following link: http://www.100wardourst.com/whats-on-soho/events/cocktail-tasting-at-100-wardour-st/ and choose a date and theme which appeals to YOU personally.

Photo Credit: Nicole Brownfield
Photo Credit: Nicole Brownfield


Although you might think cocktail tasting seems like a rather grown up activity (I was a little unsure at first if it would be too formal or serious) – I can assure you that the experience offered at 100 Wardour ST is far from that. Situated in the hip and trendy location of Soho, and with a smart/ casual dress code, the Bar & Lounge is a welcoming haven for all ages, from businessmen and women popping in after work, to students and groups of young people. Instantly as you walk through the doors, you feel your shoulders relax and your mind unwind as your eyes adjust to the moody lighting (think Hollister but a bit brighter) and let the background noise of people chatting and laughing wash over you. The décor of the Bar & Lounge is a spectacle in itself and foreshadows the excellent presentation of the cocktails that await you. You are first welcomed by patterned chairs and sofas, followed by round tables which lead to the bar – above which hang transparent balls that reflect the light to illuminate the hundreds of alcoholic bottles which adorn every surface of the bar. My guest and I were lucky enough to be seated in the hidden away ‘Playroom’ during our visit in which a pool table takes centre stage with leather armchairs positioned around the edge of the room.

Photo Credit: Nicole Brownfield
Photo Credit: Nicole Brownfield

We were fortunate enough to sample ‘Pineapple Dash’ during our visit (strong, fresh and smooth to sip), ‘Mrs Warwick’ (a quirky but surprisingly tasty mixture of basmati rice and peppermint infusions) and last but not least: ‘Milky Treat’ (very sweet- but not sickly- with the added extra of a popping candy rim round the edge of the glass). However just from those few that we did sample, I am confident in predicting that the rest of the cocktails are just as memorable.

As a last note, it is also worth mentioning that 100 Wardour ST also offers food to soak up some of the alcohol consumed, with a separate Bar & Lounge food menu, as well as one for the Restaurant & Club: http://www.100wardourst.com/menus/lounge/ & http://www.100wardourst.com/menus/club/.

Address: 100 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 0TN

Nearest tube station: Piccadilly Circus

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