Coffee House Session Interview #1 – Mike Watson

The first artist for this year’s Coffee House Session’s at Drapers Bar was singer/ songwriter Mike Watson. We got to sit down with Mike after his set and ask him a few questions about how he got into music, his influences and what the future holds for him and his music.

Hi Mike, you’ve just performed your set here at Drapers, how did you find it?

‘It was good thank you, it’s been my first time here so it was nice to play somewhere new, meet some new people and it seemed to go down alright so I’m happy with it!’

You’ve already been to a few universities for Coffee House Sessions, how has it been so far?

‘It’s been pretty hectic already. I’m on day 5 of the tour and I’ve got another 7 days to go. But, I’m looking forward to it!’


So how did you get into music and performing?

‘I grew up in a really musical family, both of my grandmas were music teachers and my dad plays the guitar so, growing up, I was given the guitar and learnt it. I then kind of became addicted to playing live, I mean the first time I played live I was 7 and I played Bruce Springsteen’s song Born in the USA on a cruise ship and then I was like I quite liked it. I know 7’s young but I obviously liked getting up in front of people.’

Who inspired you as a person and the music you write?

‘My favourite band has to be One Republic, I love Ryan Tedder and he’s my hero because I’m a songwriter and performer and Ryan Tedder does both of them to a very high standard so he’s sort of set the bench mark. I’m also a massive fan of Oasis being from Manchester, I mean you can’t not be.’

I saw you put in a little ode to Manchester in your set!

‘I’ve got to get something to do with Manchester in there somewhere!’

You’ve been lucky enough to support artists like Maroon 5 on tour, what was that like?

‘It was pretty crazy. I mean I still remember being asked, I didn’t think it was real! It was such a great experience to go and play those massive venues, I learnt so much from it and seeing them, how much work they have to put in to get to where they are now is pretty scary. I did learn a hell of a lot from going on that tour and it’s kind of set me up for where I am now.’

We heard some covers in your set, which are your favourite to play?

‘My favourite cover is, funnily enough, Maroon 5 She Will Be Loved. I mean that was of the first songs I ever played live. That’s definitely one of them and another one is, I used to do another medley, like the one I played tonight of Bob Marley, Justin Bieber and Magic! So, it started with No Woman, No Cry then Sorry then Rude.’

You also sang one of your new songs Lying for Love, what’s it all about and what was the inspiration behind it?

Lying for Love is to do with falling in love with the wrong person. I mean everyone’s fallen in love with the wrong person, no matter who you are, so everyone can relate to it and I know what it’s like personally. That’s what it’s basically about and it’s nice because I think if you write a song that’s too personal then everyone’s like ‘what’s that about?’ Whereas, if its something quite broad then everyone can be like ‘Oh I can buy into that.’

So, as well as a single, you have an EP coming out next year, what can you tell us about it?

‘Everything’s done, pretty much. The songs have been written, it’s getting produced now and it should be out in, well I’m going to say, March or April time. It’s worth keeping an eye on my social media MikeWatsonMusic for updates. It’s similar to Lying for Love, it’s pop-y, it’s pretty feel good but a bit darker in places. So hopefully everyone enjoys it.’

Here’s the link to watch another interview with Mike for QMTV:

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