Girl Talk with Josie

Josie Durney. CUB Magazine online and photography editor

 Josie Durney. CUB Magazine online and photography editor
Josie Durney, CUB Magazine head online, and photography editor

In this new series ‘Girl Talk With,’ I’ll be chatting with the amazing women in my life about how they inspire me. Beginning with CUB’s head online, and photography editor, Josie Durney, we’ll be talking about her endless creative energy and how she has inspired me to act upon my inspiration and exercise my own creativity.


S: You’re the most creative person I know. You’re always creating something, whether it’s writing, photography, video or collaging… How do you have the energy to be creative all the time?

J:  If I feel like I’ve got loads of deadlines, I get itchy and I get annoyed and I get upset that I can’t do creative stuff, but it’s at times when I’m under the most pressure and know that I can’t do it that the most ideas come to me. The amount of things I print screen on my phone as inspiration… Or sometimes YouTubers will say something or do something or mention something, and I’ll look into it and it will lead to another thing, and then I’ll basically go from there.

S: I was actually going to ask where your inspiration comes from, because anyone can have a Pinterest board or a Tumblr, but never act upon that inspiration.

J: There’s this person I follow on instagram (@aeronautisk) and she creates these zines and sketchbooks, and she’s recently created playlists of music. She just uses a range of materials when she creates, so I’ll always print screen ones that I find particularly visually inspiring. That might just be colour combination, like sometimes I see people wearing stuff and I like those colour combinations… Sometimes I can’t always make a note, but they will inspire me to create something.

I think it’s also about having enough time in my daily life to look at things around me. You know how we’ve been talking about neon lighting? Part of it was because on my first shift, I had to wake up when it was dark outside and I saw all these blaring lights in shop windows and I realized I never see the world like this. But there are people out there on their commutes that do see this, and I just thought that if you capture this in the right way, it’s actually just like a nice little insight.

I want to take more shots of the street cleaners. They’re just doing their own thing and they do the behind the scenes work that we don’t see them doing, but you see the effect of this, so I like that sort of thing. Sometimes I make notes or I listen to music and I can imagine a visual scenario to go with the music, so I have notes of music that I think will go well with visual sequences.


S: What inspires me is not only your creativity but your creative productivity. You have to have the will power and the dedication and you put the time and energy into actually doing something productive.

J: Generally it stems from procrastination; it’s because I’d rather create something and have something to show, than do something I’m being forced to do. When I’m being forced to do something my creativity will slump and it wont be as original as I’d like. But then at the same time it’s having the right materials available, making time to use those materials, and even then it’s not that easy. If you put something creative out there, everyone just sees the end product, they never see the sketches that you did, or the plans that you did or the trials on pieces of paper to see if those colours work together, or if those textures or prints work together or how you reshuffle clips and try this preset, then this preset, no one ever sees that. There’s a heck load of time and effort that goes into it, and because you put so much time and effort into trying to create something, and then come out with nothing at all, it can then be demotivating, and if you do create something but you’re not happy with it, that can lead to something else.

There have been a few times where I’ve thought I can make something else out of this, and that’s where things start getting nice.

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