The Forgotten Light Within You: Getting Support For Your Mental Health


The reason why some people tend to reject getting support is because they’ve succumbed to their inner thoughts telling them: ‘this is just the way it is.’ What is ‘it’? Do you mean life? Is life supposed to be about misery and sadness? Who said that? How can you look up to the sky and out to the world, and accept that it’s misery you have to feel for days on end? 


That’s not you. Those thoughts are not you. You are lost somewhere under the pile of dirt, stress, anxiety, depression; trapped by layers upon layers of problems. You are the spark of light hidden beneath all those things. And no matter how heavy the weight is, it will never extinguish the spark because it is immaterial, untouchable; it just exists. This is the spark that beats rhythm into your heart, and the life that courses through your veins.  


Sometimes we forget about this light because the noise of our thoughts cancels it out. We lose our way because the light shining through us is drowning under the layers, and the paranoia of the dark gets the better of us. You think just because you’re still walking among the darkness that you’re surviving, but in fact you’re just getting used to the dark. And I don’t know about you, but I can never accomplish anything in the dark, because I can’t see. I can’t see ahead of me. I can’t see behind me. I can’t see the people around me that love me, and most of all, I can’t see the reasons I need to live. I’m sick and tired of living in the dark. I want to be able to see.  


It gets to a point where the darkness has tainted most of the things and people around you, which is why it’s refreshing to get someone else’s opinion. A stranger, perhaps; someone who doesn’t know anything about you, and because of this freedom you can tell them whatever it is that you want. You might even be tempted to lie. But the innocence of meeting someone estranged brings out the honesty within you, and you want to blurt it all out – whatever it is that’s on your mind: everything that’s happened before your existence, everything that’s happening now, and in between. 


Now, the response depends on which stranger you choose to talk to, but if you want to get the best response, you’re going to have to go to a professional, someone that’s dedicated their lives to helping people like you and me. You could start by visiting Queen Mary’s Advice and Counselling department or your local GP. The more you talk, the more what I’ve been telling you throughout this article will come to make sense. And the more you unload your misery, the more you will start to finally figure out what it is that you’re supposed to do with this light. This light that can never be put out, not even by death. Treasure this sacred light. Release it. 


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