Ballie Ballerson: adult ball pit and bar.

Photo Credit: Nicole Brownfield

It is official, as of next month I will no longer be a teenager. That’s right, I will be reaching the ripe old age of twenty. However, I must admit I am still a child at heart and do not think I will ever truly grow up…

But thanks to Shoreditch’s latest attraction this is no longer a problem. Set in a hip and trendy location, ‘Ballie Ballerson’ is an adult ball pit with a twist. With its club atmosphere and cocktail bar you are really encouraged to let loose and unleash your sense of ‘play’. In the absence of any set rules, you are expected to dive into, dance, and throw balls until your heart is content. Or in my case, drown in the balls and struggle to stand back up again…

Photo Credit: Nicole Brownfield
Photo Credit: Nicole Brownfield

As you walk past Ballie Ballerson from the outside, through the window you can see adults messing around in a sunken metallic ball pit. Like I did, you might feel a little disappointed and ask yourself: is this really it? But do not fret, once you make it through the door, your eyes adjust to the psychedelic lighting and repetitive artwork on the walls (suspiciously resembling a portrait by Picassio), your ears adjust to the club music (think Kisstory) blaring overhead, and you are confronted with a much larger ball pit. Then you feel as if you have arrived at the main attraction.

What struck me having visited Ballie Ballerson was how similar it was to a night out clubbing- the only difference being balls… and lots of them! The music is so loud you literally feel it pumping through your body, there are strobe lights of all different colours bouncing off the walls, inflatable balls being hit through the air and cocktails in everybody’s hands. Basically, it is one big party!! Although my friend and I had an earlier slot from 4pm-6pm in the ball pit (with an unlimited amount of time at the bar) we felt as if it was night-time as soon as we entered, and absorbed some of the lively and electric atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Nicole Brownfield
Photo Credit: Nicole Brownfield

While the balls are arguably the main feature, I would also like to give a special shout out to the cocktails on offer- all of which are influenced and characterised by, retro sweets and trickery. This is obvious by the names of the cocktails: ‘Dibbie Dabberson’ and ‘Skittle Sour’ stand out in particular. As stated on the website, you can expect nothing less than: ‘liquid nitrogen, glitter and flames!’ Oh and I should mention they also have a food menu to soak up some of the alcohol… From pizza to truffle fries with parmesan.

The only thing left for me to say is get yourself a group, get yourself a date, and then get yourself to Ballie Ballerson for a day or night you will not forget… I am planning my next visit as soon as I finish this article…


To browse their website for more information, visit:

Address: 113 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3BS

Nearest Tube/Station: Old Street, Liverpool Street Station

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