5 things you know if you have spent a day in the library at QMUL

5 things you know if you have spent a day in the library at QMUL 

 That feeling when you’ve been there a whole hour and have done absolutely nothing 

Wait, what? What do you mean it’s already half past 10? There’s nothing more soul crushing than realising that, after waking up at 8am to arrive at the library for 9am, the only productive thing you’ve done is open up QMPlus on a new tab. I can’t have spent all this time scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, right?  


 Spotting the people pulling an all-dayer like you 

It can’t just be me that seems to only make eye contact with the same two people the entire time I am in the library. And once it starts, you see them everywhere; you pass them on your way to the toilet, you realise they are the four people behind you in the queue for Learning Café, you find them hiding amongst the bookshelves crying into their textbooks at 10pm… or was that last one just me the other night? 


Queuing in that afternoon rush in Learning Cafe 

Suddenly, the clock strikes 12pm and the atmosphere in the library changes. An eerie draft blows through the building from the sudden influx of students entering the library. You go to grab a much needed latte but when you make it downstairs, you see about 25 students ahead of you in the queue. Your eyes narrow at the sight of your competition. “Why are they here?” you wonder. “Why can’t they just go to Ground?” You realise it will be at least fifteen minutes before you get your next dose of caffeine. You regret not getting a coffee sooner. You regret leaving all your work last minute and having to pull an all-dayer at the library in the first place.  


Bumping into your friends downstairs and accidentally chatting for 45 minutes


You deserve a break, right? After all the hard work you have done, why not stop for a quick catch up? At least that is what you tell yourself when you spot two of your friends sat on one of the group tables. Suddenly, you are talking about how drunk you all were at Drapers the other night and taking Buzzfeed quizzes together. “Sorry guys, but I’ve really gotta go do some work!” you tell them, and despite wasting a whole hour chatting, you feel oddly proud of yourself for leaving them to work independently in the silent study area. 


The sense of accomplishment when you finally leave 

Eureka! Ten hours cooped in one tiny desk space has paid off; you have submitted your first essay and completed most of your reading for tomorrow’s class. It was stressful, exhausting and mentally draining, but you can’t help but feel a sense of pride as you walk out of those revolving doors. Perhaps last minute cramming isn’t so bad after all. 

(Yes it is. Don’t do it.) 

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