Five trends from the 90s you never thought you would be wearing

90s fashion has certainly made a comeback in a more extreme way than it ever has before. High street store mannequins are covered in oversized garments, platform shoes and washed denim looks. The rise of 90s fashion is all over Instagram with the most followed influencers showing off typical looks from the era. There’s no need to go costume shopping for a 90s party anymore.


Here are five trends that a few years ago, we would have sworn we would never wear:


1.Sports Trainers

Old school brands like Champion, Fila and Rebook have made a comeback, streetwear has become increasingly popular with brands such as Off White taking over the fashion scene, grime and rap stars like Skepta and A$AP Rocky being fashion influencers and a rise in independent fashionbrands. Nike’s classic AirMax is back in every colour you could think of and is being worn by all. Balenciaga’s Triple S trainer has also made a comeback in the luxury market with the black style being completely sold out.


2. Camo

Famously worn in Destiny’s child ‘Survivor ’ video camo was a statement piece in the 90s and has made a great revival with New York’s fashion brand Plugged NYC who brought back the classic camouflage co-ord. Plugged NYC’s co-ord was worn by Rihanna, Jheno Aiko and Little Mix before getting into an altercation with Kylie Jenner’s Shop who soon after released the same designs. Camo trousers are now available everywhere and look great on everyone.


3. Retro Sunglasses

Remember the colourful, pointed shaped glasses you would see in TLCs music videos or worn by Lil Kim on stage, they’re back. The retro glasses went from being a cool addition to an Instagram pic, to becoming an actual cool accessory. The range of Retro glasses vary from Harry Potter style to N Sync style frames. ASOS Marketplace is the best place to get a pair for a low price.

4. The Velvet puffer

A velvet coat doesn’t seem ideal paired with the unpredictability of British rain, but it’s ideal with most outfits. Most velvet coats available are oversized too, taking us way back into the 90s. Coming in almost every colour, from baby pink to gold, the puffer is a great look with skinny jeans and boots.

5. The Beret

Known for being French or worn by Ashley Banks from The Fresh Prince, the beret and Poetic Justice leather hats are back. Once you start wearing a beret you can’t stop because it goes with every outfit and gives a quirky feminine edge to each look.


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