PF Chang’s Asian Table – redefining the dining experience…

It is official… PF Changs has landed in London! After 20 years of being an American favourite, PF Chang’s has opened its first restaurant in Leicester Square. Besides offering a unique dining atmosphere, visitors can sample a vast array of dishes of a Chinese and Asian fusion. If this has not already got your tastebuds watering or your belly grumbling, the fact the restaurant is headed by the former chef of Nobu, certainly will. For it is fair to say that PF Chang promises exceptional food of top quality, but for an affordable price.

It is best to make a reservation in advance as there has been a huge buzz around the restaurant recently (which is to be expected) so tables do get booked up pretty quickly. This is the first thing that you notice when you step inside- your eyes and ears attune to the chatter of diners seated on every chair possible! But you are also drawn to the restaurants impressive and classy decor, with a grand open kitchen, in-house bakery and last but not least: a remarkable cocktail bar!

Photo Credit: Nasaybah Hussain
Photo Credit: Nasaybah Hussain

To accompany this, there is a lively atmosphere which does not distract from the elegance that oozes from every corner of the restaurant and also from the menu itself. When I had the honour to visit, most tables were adorned with plates of their dynamite shrimp, suggesting it has established itself as everybody’s favourite ‘go-to’ dish. What does such a dish involve I hear you ask? The answer is a delicious assortment of crispy tempura battered shrimp, spicy Sriracha aioli, and spring onions served in a gleaming cocktail glass.

However I had also overheard many praises lavished upon their sushi platter and decided to order their Prawn Panko Sushi Roll for myself. This platter consisted of prawn panko, yellowfin tuna, kanikama, cucumber, avocado, kaiware sprouts, sweet chilli, firecracker and kabayaki sauce. There are around 8 sushi rolls in total, each of which are brimming with with flavour that burst in your mouth and leaves you wanting to eat the next one (and then the next one) and then before you know it the platter has disappeared!

Photo Credit: Nasaybah Hussain
Photo Credit: Nasaybah Hussain

After speaking to the waiter and looking around at all food with its aromatic flavours and smells on other people’s tables, I decided to opt also for the small plates instead of their bigger plates which were considered more of a ‘main dish’. After wanting nearly everything on the menu I finally picked the Shrimp wok fried noodles, instead swapping the shrimp for chicken, effectively making it chicken noodles. The food arrived quickly – which was great because I had started to get a bad case of food envy and hunger pains having looked around at everybody else’s!

Having eaten at the restaurant, I can personally declare that PF Changs successfully blends aromatic flavours and spices to create noodles with a unique, distinct taste. Not only is it presented well, but each bite has even more flavour than the next. Although I had ordered the ‘small plate’, the portion was big enough and very filling – satisfying me completely.

Photo Credit: Nasaybah Hussain
Photo Credit: Nasaybah Hussain

Overall I left full and with a big smile of contentment on my face. Not only is PF Chang’s great for flavour, but has a welcoming atmosphere with even better food that will not disappoint.

(Although one thing to be aware of is that there are only gender neutral toilets – with perfect lighting and a full-length mirror, which is ideal for taking pictures – however not so great when you are halfway through a pose and suddenly the door opens with a very confused person standing there…)

To browse their full menu, please click the following link:

Address: 10 Great Newport St, London WC2H 7JA

Nearest Station: Leicester Square Station

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