I can sense it – it is unusually cold this morning. I try to shove the duvet off me, but my body resists. The icy air from beyond my bed briefly seeps into it through the minuscule gap that formed in my pathetic attempt to get up. I continue to lie there, revelling in the warmth  of my bed. I’m not ready to face the cold. 

Why is my room so cold?’, I wonder. 

.    .    .

What time is it? I’m going to be late if I don’t get up now. 

After mentally gathering as much willpower as I possibly can, I throw my duvet off me with all my strength. It flies across the room; I tense up, flinching as the trail of wind it creates instantly freezes my once cosy body. ‘At least that got me up,’ I assure myself. I hastily slip on my big, fluffy My Neighbour Totoro slippers and yank my fleecy, white dressing gown from my door. I put it on, shoving my hands into the oversized pockets as I shuffle towards the window. There is a cold draft as I approach it. ‘Is the window open? Is that why it’s so cold?’ I start doubting myself as I think back to the details of what I did last night before going to bed. ‘No, I’d never keep my window open overnight during winter.’  

.    .    .

I open my curtains 

‘Ah, that’s why.’ 

The outside world greets me with a bright, white blanket, draped across the neighbourhood. Roads, houses, cars, trees; everything is covered in snow. I check Facebook. Everyone’s status revolves around the snow. Some are complaining about how cold it is, while others are overjoyed by their unexpected day off. I check Twitter. ‘Snow’ is number one trending, and the web page is filled with caps-locked, emoji-filled tweets. London doesn’t get snow very often, so we like to make a big deal out of it; like it’s the emergence of the apocalypse. We’re not like Canada or Japan where the snow entraps you, restricting you to the boundaries of your home, but we get excited when the snow settles enough to hear a nice crunch as you walk. 

.    .    .

People like the snow because it’s a rare, beautiful change of scenery; it’s something making them stop, take in and thank Mother Nature for. Others take it as an opportunity for an aesthetically pleasing Tumblr or Instagram photo; seeking likes from friends and strangers, as well as feeling proud for taking a half decent photograph.  

For me, when I see snow, my inner child begs to come out. I reminisce about my childhood memories of waking up, looking out of my window, screaming with a sense of adrenaline – “IT’S SNOWING! IT’S SNOWING!” while my parents receive a school-is-cancelled text. I remember the snowman building competitions during breaktime in primary school, and the snowball fights during secondary school. But my inner child desires to do things it has never experienced before, like making snow-angels, building a fort, or going sledding in the park. It wants to try skiing or snowboarding for the first time. I long to go outside and frolic in the snow at this very moment; to be completely care-free like I was all those years ago.   

But unfortunately, today is Monday. And one thing’s for sure, 

I’m going to be late. 

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