Style’s Top 10 Winter Coats This Season

Yes, we’re finally at that fabulous moment in the year – winter. Now, while I am not a fan of the cold weather, there is one thing I always look forward to during winter, and no, it’s not Christmas. The hunt for winter coats. I usually make an investment into two great coats, as they become the centerpieces of my winter wardrobe; however, now that I am a first-year student, I realised that some luxuries – [cough, cough] extremely lucrative coats – are simply no longer an option. But if you are like me, then you’ll still do whatever it takes to find your winter coat soulmate in your most-anticipated buy of the year. Here are the top winter coats of the season for any student:



No matter the year, a quilted jacket is a must-have in everyone’s winter wardrobe. The great Blair Waldorf once said: ‘Fashion knows not of comfort. All that matters is the face you show the world’. However, I must disagree with her for this coat. This is that one warm winter jacket that will do its job right and when you’re done with it for this year, you can easily replace it with a brand new one for next year. Even though it does come in our favourite colour [cough, cough – black], let’s change it up a bit. I recommend going for maroon since it is colour that can be used all throughout the year, or be bold and go for orange, it’s definitely a popular colour this season.


I’m a freak for faux fur this year – and have had to be stopped from buying an endless supply of fur coats – but if you’re not ready to take the full leap, this coat is perfect for you. The faux fur collar adds that extra touch of elegance to this classic style of coat. Another reason for choosing this coat is that it comes in various colours, so you can get navy for that glamorous night out or mink to look chic as you travel across London. I would put this coat over a pastel turtleneck, light washed jeans and dark sock boots to really allow this coat to reach its potential.


  1. RAIN COAT (H&M) – £39.99


Rain coats are another trend for this winter. I could recommend countless styles of rain coats for this winter, but let’s get real, it’s a rain coat. So, let’s keep it simple. This coat does exactly that, it’s subtle, fashionable and – when paired with the right Chelsea boots and distressed jeans – edgy. Thanks to its simple design, it can be worn with virtually anything and can be worn virtually anywhere. Winter Wonderland has just opened for the season and you can be sure that you’ll look stylish and survive it in this coat.




It would be an understatement to say that faux fur coats have taken over the stores. Although, we all need to find one that is the perfect balance of good quality and at a good price, which is hard to come by. This faux fur coat comes in the colours: pink, grey, beige and green. I recommend the grey as it can be put together with several outfits, but I would purchase the pink or green for a change in typical winter colours. With the grey coat you could wear an oversized striped shirt, high-waisted trousers in black and white shoes to really show how eye-catching this coat can be.




Even with quilted shapes on the rise, the puffer coat is still a fighting champion. One problem last year for me was that there wasn’t enough variety to actually want a puffer jacket. Now with a plethora of them, I can recommend this one from Reserved. Since it is oversized, it can really make a loud statement. I definitely recommend pairing this jacket with the ‘Checked Trousers with Side Stripes’ from Zara, a bright red jumper and finish it off with a pair of black Chelsea boots. A brilliant balance of elegant and edgy.


  1. BIKER JACKET (H&M) – £49.99


Leather jackets are a timeless classic. But, for this season, let’s add fur again. With brown fur, a mustard jumper is a must, it will bring out both colours even more. Add a pair of caramel trousers with suede black boots and you’ll be looking fierce in no time.




Heritage is another trend appearing this season. This is the perfect coat for outings in East London or evenings in Shoreditch and Brick Lane. This coat’s simple design and pattern really deserves some bright colours to tie the perfect winter evening outfit together. Try wearing azure or crimson trousers, with a distressed white t-shirt and finish the outfit off with a pair of black combat boots.




No matter the season, suede will always find a way into our hearts. This coat makes the list for its colour. Everyone should have a pastel piece of clothing in their wardrobes, so why not combine it with your staple piece of clothing in your winter wardrobe? Another thing that is striking about this coat is that it is a trench coat – another must needed item. An all-white outfit with some nude shoes will work really well with this coat. This trench coat can be used for any occasion, whether you are on your way to a glamorous ball or running to your lectures.


Vinyl and high gloss finishes are another trend for this winter and ASOS have a perfect solution for this missing piece from your wardrobe. To really make the coat stand out, I suggest wearing other bold colours to create the perfect contrast to have it noticed. Since it’s black, any colour will work, but the best would be cerulean or emerald with touches of white.


While the final coat has a more classical style that is present most winters, it was the brightness of the red that really speaks volumes. One change I recommend to anyone going from college to university is to really work with the colours that stores offer. I have noticed far too many people wearing black since it’s the safest option – including myself – and it’s time to take a risk, starting with this wool coat from Zara. Throw this coat together with a pair of black-and-white checked trousers, a white distressed t-shirt and a pair of matching red sock boots.

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  1. Adorable collection! Love these winter coats. These are my favorite outfits for winter and I can’t wait to try some from your collection. Thanks for sharing.

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