5 types of Commuters you’ll see this Christmas

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As the semester draws to an end, students across the country will be commuting back home to spend the holidays with their families. The Christmas rush is a hectic time to travel, what with train delays or cancellations, and not to mention the overly-determined shoppers rushing to buy presents and turkeys at the last possible minute! Even those who do not celebrate Christmas become a part of the bustle as fellow commuters, so it’s an interesting time for everyone 

Here are Five types of Commuters you’ll see this Christmas: 

 1. The Mindless Packer 

This person has no sense of direction. They do not just pack Christmas gifts and their necessities. Oh no, this person has packed their entire room as if they are actually moving back home from university. At this rate, they might as well have packed their flat mate – who knows what stopped them. You’ll be able to spot this commuter blindly barging past people through the crowds of passengers on the platforms.  


2. The Deep-Sleeper 

This is the person who knocks out within the first ten minutes of the journey; they’re so tired, you don’t want to disturb them. Occasionally watching from the corner of your eye, you wonder whether or not you should wake them up just in case they miss their stop. Before you know it, you are a human cushion.  

Well done, you have now got a new responsibility on your hands – as if trying to get yourself home in one piece wasn’t hard enough.   

3. The Impatient One  

Everyone wants to get home, but this person is particularly short-tempered. If the sea of people weren’t enough of an obstacle to irritate this commuter, the train delays only make it worse. You will find this person mouthing off to a helpless station guard, and when they finally get onto the train they’ll complain about how slowly it’s moving. Oh, the joys of commuting 



4. The ‘I’m happy no matter what’ Commuter  

This person is the complete opposite of our ‘Impatient’ friend above, because this commuter does not let anyone or anything ruin their mood. It is a good thing, especially since it’s Christmas and you’ve got a three-hour journey ahead of you. Even when they’re sitting in front of that annoying child who cannot stop kicking the back of their chair, or that sick guy next to them who is forever sneezing and coughing – nothing fazes them.  



5. The loud, ‘Everyone has to know I’m on the phone’ Commuter 

While it’s completely normal to ring up your loved ones letting them know you’re on your way over for the holidays, this person feels the need to inform the entire carriage. Maybe they’re genuinely oblivious as to how loud they are, because even your headphones are having a hard time draining their voice out. And then, as soon as it’s over, they make another phone call… 



So, those were just light-hearted, exaggerated versions of the types of people you might bump into during your commute home this Christmas, or even just your daily commute. These people give you that extra pinch of entertainment. They make your journey what it is.  And let’s be real – your commute would probably be pointless without them, because they might just leave you with a go-to story to tell at dinner parties. Regardless, you’re all trying to make it home for the holidays, and who knows? One of them might just be you 


Have a great holiday! 

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