Flaws and All

There are 2 extremes when it comes to the dating side of life – you’re either in a relationship or not. If you’re not, then that generally means you end up looking for someone to either be in a relationship with, or just someone to talk to, or put simply, someone to sleep with. Whatever you’re looking for is completely fine, and it makes perfect sense.

Since childhood, we have been told that there is a special someone out there waiting to be found. But whether you believe in marriage or not, you hope to make at least one special connection with someone who makes everything feel surreal. Soon the thought of not being with them feels unfamiliar, and you can’t remember the feeling of being truly alone. We get accustomed to knowing their habits, their dislikes, the things that make them smile, their laugh, and most importantly, what they think of you. In the ‘honeymoon’ period of all relationships, all the flaws of this person are blurred, and if you look hard enough, you’re able to see it. But it’s the honeymoon, so we choose to be oblivious – they fit everything you have been looking for, so you continue looking through this imperfect lens to see your perfect person even clearer.

It’s only after the ‘honeymoon’ is over, that we become lazy at ignoring these flaws, and suddenly, the lens shatters and the thing we didn’t want to realise comes to surface. Unfortunately, this is where it gets hard – this is where you have to make a decision whether you’re strong enough to accept this flaw or whether it’s just not worth it.

In reality, everyone has flaws. No one will ever be perfect (contrary to the Ed Sheeran song) but the point is whether you feel strongly enough to accept it and move on.

Personally, the worst part is the way something changes when the other person decides to see your flaws. They look at you differently, speak to you in a different tone, and even though the change is subtle, it’s there. And even though, we know we’ve had this flaw for most of our life, the way this person now thinks of you has the ability to change the perception of yourself.

But as a girl who believes she is strong and independent, this is not something to admit, so the only choice is to pick up our flaws and embrace them all over again – single or not.

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