What Does Modesty Mean to You?

On Thursday 7th December the London Universities UCL, LSE, Imperial, Kings College and Queen Mary are hosting a collaborative modest themed fashion show at Senate House. The show is open to all and will be supporting a charity called Create, which delivers creative arts projects to empower disadvantaged people.

Modest fashion has been under the radar for a long time in the industry, it has only recently appeared in mainstream fashion with major brands like Nike introducing the Nike pro hijab, Dolce and Gabbana launching a luxury hijab and abayas collection and brands like Mango and Zara producing modest collections. The main issue with Modest fashion is that it doesn’t have to be boring, women who choose to dress modestly should be able to enjoy print, colour and patterns, which is why it is so refreshing that The University of London are putting on a trendy fashion show which is entirely modest.

I spoke to president of LSE’s fashion society, Jerome Paredes to find out a little bit more about the show.

What is your role in planning London University Modest Fashion Show?

So I’m the President of the Fashion Society at LSE, and so one of the lead organiers. My role has been to focus on the marketing strategy for the show, creating promotional content such as the video, and liaising with external partners such as the brands who will display at our show. These range from student designers in Turkey to a modest wear platform from Israel called Modli.co, as well UK brands, House of Lancry, Buno Design, Amirab and Modestrove platform. Also liaising with partners such as the Islam TV channel. The most important things I had to do was formulate the vision of the show, deicide a social message, and ensure the organisation of the show unfolds organically. This included making sure students and partners from cultural backgrounds most connected to modest wear, were involved in the organisation and direction of the show and that their voice is dominant in projecting the social message and our vision.


Why Modest Fashion?

Modest Fashion was chosen, not as much as a theme, but because we saw that currently the idea of modesty in fashion is too often based on certain issues such as Islamophobia, mothering and negative stereotypes. We wanted to show that modesty should be included in fashion, seeing as it is not necessarily limited to religion but rather a form of subjective expression. The show itself is centred around the vision of creating a platform for individuals to showcase their own definitions of modesty and to highlight social issues related to modesty’s often negative connotation in the UK like immigrants, racism and gender issues. It’s also about disconnecting modesty from a specific culture and showing how personal one’s definition of modesty is, while being as inclusive and diverse as possible

What can students expect from the fashion show?

They can expect an exciting line-up of designers from their campuses, as well as more established brands showcasing their exciting work in a conventional pumped up fashion show environment in a beautiful venue, with simple but encapsulating production with a positive social message. There will be music pumping afterwards so people can mingle with each other and with the designers!



Tickets are on sale for the modest fashion show via the fashion society’s Facebook.




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