A Grand Finale- Louis Vuitton’s Kim Jones Steps Down

Paris fashion house Louis Vuitton is iconic; no one quite understands why they desperately want a logo printed Louis bag, belt or wallet but somehow these timeless pieces have been imprinted into our culture. The brand has a heritage in travel, Louis Vuitton was a box maker for elites in Paris, he used his skill to open up his own store for packaging garments. After his death the brand evolved to create luxury travel goods, in 1997 Marc Jacobs was appointed the first creative director and introduced ready to wear collections. Since gaining popularity for it’s signature logo, the brand has been copied and mimicked in the high street, markets and by illegal websites. Fake Louis products could look almost identical to the real thing.

Menswear artistic director Kim Jones announced that he would be leaving the fashion brand after the menswear show which took place on Thursday. Jones was the artistic director at Louis Vuitton since 2011, the Central Saint Martins graduate is known for revolutionising and changing the menswear of the brand, making it younger, fashionable and street. Jones set the trend for street wear and luxury being combined which was followed by several other fashion houses.

Kim Jones ensured he didn’t leave quietly, the artistic director produced yet another mind-blowing show at Paris Fashion Week, closing the show with runway queens Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.  The collection featured futuristic silver fabrics and prints, matched with bold and bright contrasting colours, and classic beige pieces with the logo featured also.


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