CUB’s Top 5 Vegan Brands

More than 1 billion animals are killed for the leather trade every single year.

That’s just leather.

Leather is produced using the skins of animals. Which animals? The truth is you’ll never really know. You may think it’s just cattle and their calves but it’s also sheep, goats, pigs and even dogs. A Peta Asia investigator found dogs being skinned alive in one facility in Eastern China in order to be made into leather.  The leather industry is a highly profitable by-product of the meat industry where these animals have to endure factory farming and appalling conditions.

You don’t have to sacrifice these animals in the name of fashion. There are a number of cruelty free brands that use vegan and recycled materials to produce high quality, luxurious bags and shoes without the guilty conscience.

  1. Charlie Feist

This London based Vegan backpack brand uses recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) to make high quality cruelty free backpacks. An estimated 400 billion plastic bottles are bought every year, most of these end up in our oceans. So, if you’re buying from Charlie Feist, not only are you buying cruelty free stylish products but you’re also buying products made from recycled plastic and so contributing to the solution.


  1. Wilby

Founded in 2013 and made in the UK, Wilby’s mission was to make ethical and fashionable products for the consumer. The company specialises in the ‘clutch’ and uses vegan and sustainable materials. Wilby also claims to be eco sensitive and environmentally aware. The company is also approved and certified by PETA so you know you’re supporting a 100% cruelty free brand.


  1. Le Suri

A Dublin based eco-friendly innovative premium handbag company founded in 2013 where the bags are made from cork and organically grown cotton. ‘Cork fabric is soft, ultralight and feels like fine, smooth leather’ and 100% cruelty free. Cork is a European material where ‘95% of all cork oak trees in the world grow in the Southern parts of Portugal, Spain and Italy’ and Le Suri products are sourced 100% from Europe.


  1. Matt & Nat

The brand was born in 1995 in Montreal where the idea was to create a brand that incorporated MATT(erial) and NAT(ure) as their products are ‘exploring the synergy between the two, the reflection of one on the other.’ Their motto is to ‘live beautifully’ appreciating all that is nature, humanity and creativity. The products draw inspiration from the textures and hues of nature and this can be seen throughout their designs.


  1. Beyond Skin

Founded in 2001, Beyond Skin aims to give, ‘style and quality to those who care.’ They use vegan materials to produce high quality and stylish shoes after realising that it seemed almost impossible to find stylish shoes that were also cruelty free. Worn by Natalie Portman and featured in magazines such as; Vogue, Elle and Grazia, proving it is possible to be fashionable and cruelty free.


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