5 Things to do in London on Valentine’s Day if you are single.

So, you find yourself single and in London this Valentine’s Day. No need to worry, below are five things that you can do this Valentine’s Day on your lonesome.

Disclaimer: There is a high chance that you will encounter smitten couples on Valentine’s Day dates almost EVERYWHERE you go.

Views: Who says you cannot enjoy a nice view alone? London is a city with some pretty astonishing views (if you are into the whole cityscape aesthetic). Here are some of the places that these very views can be enjoyed:


Art: While many may think that an art gallery is an ideal location for a date, the truth is that art is best enjoyed alone without someone next to you constantly asking: ‘But what does it mean?’ Take advantage of your alone time and visit one of the many art galleries throughout the city. If you are up for it, you could even plan to visit as many galleries in one day as possible, call it an art gallery crawl! Here are some options:

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Museums: What is the fun of going to a museum with someone who is obviously not as interesting as an animatronic model of a T-Rex? Explore the city’s numerous museums by yourself this Valentine’s Day without the distraction of a partner. London is renowned for its museums and for good reason, whether you are looking for the Rosetta Stone, an Egyptian Clay Mouse, or a mural of Saddam Hussein, there is a museum to satisfy most (if not all) of your curiosities:


Nature: Forget people and be at one with nature (kind of). Natural beauty may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of London- arguably one big sprawling concrete jungle. The capital city certainly does however, have its fair share of spots to break away from the industrial setting and reconnect with nature. Here are just some options to choose from:


Shop: I mean, come on, it is London we are talking about here. Take your pick between Bond Street’s high-end fashion or Brick Lane’s thrift stores (or both!). London has great places to shop regardless of budget or taste. Go and spend your hard-earned money on yourself this Valentine’s Day without having to worry about silly gifts and expensive gestures for someone you do not even know if you love! Here is a list of some places where you can enjoy some well deserved retail therapy:


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