Hot chocolate is a must to warm you up and help battle February’s harsh and bitter winter winds. Said Dal 1923 in Soho does not fail to deliver delicious hot chocolate that does just that! Over the recent months, my Instagram feed has been taken over by pictures of what I can only describe as a chocolate lovers’ paradise. With every new picture that popped up, my mouth watered that little bit more with glossy posts of chocolate in every shape and form. Having enviously liked all of these chocolate galore images, I decided that enough was enough and went to discover for myself whether the hype over Said Dal 1923 was justified… I am delighted to report that the hype is very much justified.

Originally from Rome, this new branch is now open in the heart of Soho, offering a chocolate haven, and a perfect respite from the West End chaos of people and traffic.

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The smell of chocolate immediately hits you as you enter through the doors, and your eyes quickly dart to the hot chocolate being consumed on every table. Italian hot chocolate is known for its fabulously rich thickness which means that it is possible to eat it by the spoonful. This makes it both a sweet dessert to eat, as well as a warming hot chocolate to drink- it is enough to blow your mind. It is therefore no surprise that this hot chocolate is Said’s signature drink. The hot chocolate is finished off with drizzles of melted chocolate laced around the top of the mug and drizzling down the sides, offering you yet more of your daily chocolate intake! Although remarkably with all this chocolate, the hot chocolate is perfectly balanced, not overly rich, and far from being sickly.

Alongside enjoying my hot chocolate I also ordered a plate of strawberries to clear my conscience- I mean surely the fruit would have counteracted the naughtiness of all the chocolate? That is what I told myself anyway. Each plate came with a total of 6 strawberries and a choice of milk, dark, or white chocolate dips. My friends opted for a tiramisu and a chocolate mousse instead and both were certainly not complaining once they had finished. The portion sizes are generous and the flavours of the food perfectly compliment the hot chocolate. They provide a balance of sweetness that is not overpowering but that is pleasant to the palette.

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Said’s only downside is that the seating area, although warm and inviting, is quite small and with waiting time being around 30 – 40 minutes – you can imagine this can be rather problematic. However, having queued outside for half an hour in the cold I can happily say that I have no regrets, and once we were seated inside the hot chocolate tasted even sweeter and was certainly worth the wait. It felt great to be able to photograph my experience to add to my own Instagram and to make people just as envious as I was before.

So if, like me, you are fed up of constant feeds of hot chocolate then head to Said Dal 1923 to satisfy those cravings and put the green-eyed monster of jealousy to bed.

Address: 41 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 9QL

Nearest Station: Oxford Circus


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