5 Fashion-Inspo Filled TV Shows and Movies

In the midst of award season, endless photos of stylish celebrities gracing the red carpet in their designer gear are all over the internet. And while these looks can certainly serve as style inspiration, a ball gown and a tux can be slightly difficult to incorporate into everyday life. The characters these actors and actresses play can often have a far more accessible fashion sense, offering looks that can easily be adapted for trips to the club and the supermarket alike. Let’s take a look then, at five of the most fashion inspirational TV shows and movies that still influence style today:

  1. Clueless


I know, I know, another article praising Clueless for its impeccable fashion moments, but that’s just it. They’re impeccable. A film that’s follows rich kids from California, their personal style and demonstrations of wealth are a large part of the movie’s makeup. From the iconic tartan two-pieces sported by Cher and Dionne, to the PE class outfits that look more put together than any sportswear ever seen, the movie serves non-stop fashion inspiration from start to finish. Its influence is undoubtedly huge, still guiding brands today, with Topshop, for example, recently bringing out a collection of garishly coloured patterned co-ords in their newest line. Even 23 years on, this movie certainly inspires its watchers to fear, more than anything, being viewed as ‘ensemble-y challenged.’

2. The Sopranos


A complete 180 from the peachy all-American vibe in Clueless, but a show that offers endless lust-worthy outfits nonetheless. In the depths of Mafia-run New Jersey, The Sopranos offers a range of looks, from the almost tacky displays of money from the wives and mistresses, to the sport luxe dreams from the Mafiosi themselves. Each episode offers the finest in Fila, Tommy Hilfiger and Kappa tracksuits, invariably paired with a Rolex, a cigar and usually a weapon or two. Combined with slick double-breasted suits, shirts covered in Versace-esque clashing patterns and Adriana’s love of animal print and skin-tight leather, the show is an Urban Outfitters dream. Salute.

  3. Wayne’s World


The ultimate in ‘down and out’ grunge fashion, Wayne and Garth’s simple but iconic outfits include items that can still be found across high street shops everywhere today. The pair in their ripped denim, Converse, band tees and checked shirts show that really, it’s just cooler to look like you don’t care. Whether you listen to the bands or not (‘No Stairway, denied!’), a band tee has become a staple in securing an edgy, ‘I’m cultured and hate the music of my generation’ vibe. ‘I thought we’d go for a little Bohemian Rhapsody, gentlemen?’

4. Gossip Girl


The one show on this list that’s the closest to the unaffordable red carpet fashion that the celebs are sporting, but one that has to be mentioned nonetheless. This show can in many cases be held responsible for one’s first foray into the designer world, enviously eyeing up the sickeningly privileged Upper East Side elite. In a world where labels mean everything and a Chanel bag is a regular after school purchase, this show truly exemplifies what it means to be loaded. However, Serena and Blair can be celebrated as fashion icons even without the labels, showing that an established sense of style can be as powerful a weapon as any in a cutthroat, social media and gossip ridden world. Xoxo.

5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Last, but definitely not least, Ferries Bueller’s Day Off offers a range of eclectic styles, all of which are perfect for wearing when you too take that not so uncommon day off from uni. No movie list is complete without a John Hughes number, and no John Hughes number is complete without excellent examples of 1980s and 90s fashion. From white fringed jackets to patterned sweater vests, sports jerseys and a vintage Ferrari to get around in, it is all ‘so choice’. In a movie that takes teen hedonism to the extreme, the style of 1980s Chicago is just as much part of the action. ‘Ferris Bueller, you’re my hero.’

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