CookDaily, Shoreditch

Not a fan of veggies? Well, CookDaily could be the place to convert you. Located in Boxpark, Shoreditch, it has been serving colourful and nutritious vegan food in bowls made from recycled cardboard to the public since 2015. Sounds pretty hipster right? But do not let this put you off, the queues outside the door can vouch for the fact it is far from pretentious. Once you step inside the dimly lit, cramped industrial container of the restaurant, your eyes are attracted to the slogan: ‘No blood, no bones’ which informs you of the kind of food being served. The restaurant boasts of 17 vegan dishes for the public to choose from, all reasonably priced at £8.50, or a few pounds more for combination meals including drinks (such as homemade smoothies) and pancake rolls. CookDaily is ranked as a personal favourite amongst my friends and I; every time we go to Shoreditch we vow to try something new but always find ourselves seated on the cubed chairs, chopsticks in hand, preparing to devour the hefty portions of deliciousness…

Each of the heavenly bowls are influenced by a different cooking style, world cuisine or culture; this is obvious by names such as ‘Full English’ (stereotypically British), ‘High Grade’ (a popular weed-themed dish!) and ‘The Jerk’ (with its Jamaican roots). What is also clear is the fact each dish is authentic and unique in its own right. To thank for this is the establishment’s founder and vegan chef: ‘Bounsou ‘King’ Senathit’; he has described his ‘goal in life’ as being to turn ‘more people vegan’. However, I must stress that the restaurant does not only allow vegans to enter or is the notion of being ‘vegan’ forced down guests’ throats, CookDaily opens its doors to everyone and does include the option to add meat and fish to each dish in the form of chicken or prawns. In my personal opinion CookDaily cannot be rivalled in terms of its freshness, guests can see and smell their food as it is being cooked through the open windows of the kitchen which sums up the street food vibe of the place.

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With the vegan scene blooming and expanding around London as a popular cult, you may be asking what makes CookDaily so special? The answer quite simply is the food, but also the fact CookDaily was visited by popular grime figures such as Skepta, Tempa T and JME in its opening week! Other notable fans of CookDaily include Emeli Sande, Professor Green and Childish Gambino.

The eatery is open from noon till 9:30pm. For more information, visit:

Nearest tube station: Shoreditch High St Overground

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