Fuwa Fuwa: Japanese Pancakes

I can hardly contain my excitement. It is as if all my prayers have been answered. Finally, Fuwa Fuwa has arrived in London…

What is Fuwa Fuwa I hear you ask? It is a Japanese style soufflé pancake – a delicate and artful mix between a soufflé and a pancake. The outcome of this mix is the lightest, fluffiest pancakes imaginable to mankind. Fuwa Fuwa actually translates into ‘fluffy’ or sometimes ‘light and airy’ or ‘soft’. Hence the pancakes themselves certainly live up to their name. One way of describing the sweet treats are as edible fluffy clouds that melt in your mouth. It is pure heaven served on a plate.No seriously you HAVE to believe me…

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For a limited time only, UK’s first Fuwa Fuwa pancake shop is opening up a pop-up stall at Westfield’s Shopping Centre, Stratford. Yes, that is right, Westfield is one tube stop away from Queen Mary University. This means that within fifteen minutes of your lecture or seminar ending, you could be savouring one of these sweet pancakes. I do not know about you, but this tempting prospect is enough to motivate me through the final few months of the academic year.

Fuwa Fuwa offers a mixture of traditional flavour combinations alongside something that bit different, which means that there is something to tingle everybody’s taste buds. Visitors can expect Banana and Nutella, Maple syrup and cream, or the childhood favourite Smore flavour if they are wanting to play it safe. Or for those members of the public with more adventurous cravings, there is a Miso Caramel popcorn flavour or Matcha flavour. What flavour would you opt for? Or should I say flavours?! Having sampled the bubble waffles made famous at China Town, I would go as far as saying that Fuwa Fuwa is a delicious and worthy competitor. However, the fact it is only a pop-up means you have to pop-in to avoid being disappointed. I certainly was not disappointed after visiting Fuwa Fuwa, my pancake did not fail to deliver, it was by far the fluffiest I have ever eaten and was the perfect snack to keep me going. In fact, they were so light I could have easily devoured five in one sitting. It is fair to say that I will definitely be going back for more.

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I can predict now that Fuwa Fuwa will be the 2018 summer craze popping up on everybody’s Instagram and Facebook feeds. So why not get in there first and sample the pancakes for yourself? Also another reason to be quick is the fact that each batch of pancakes takes 20-30 minutes to bake and are served on a first come first serve basis so you better get in the queue now and please no fighting! These pancakes are too good to be wasted…

Warning: apart from being delicious, these pancakes may, unfortunately, contain milk, eggs, wheat, soya, and nuts so people with allergies are advised to take caution.

Address: Westfield Stratford – Great Eastern Kitchen (Ground Floor towards the end)

Nearest Station: Stratford

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