GoldFish at Electric Brixton

Ahead of their upcoming event at Electric Brixton on Friday the 16th of March (tomorrow) I had the privilege of interviewing ‘GoldFish’- an electronic duo that create dance music containing elements of house, pop, jazz and African music. The interview went as follows:

Goldfish By AL Nicoll photography-1367

Me: Hello and thank you for agreeing to do an interview for CUB magazine. What is the story behind the name ‘Goldfish’? I am sorry I bet you get asked this a lot…

GoldFish: Dave always used to joke about my short-term memory when we were students studying music together. I was always leaving my phone on the roof of my car, forgetting my keys…that sort of deal. But at the same time I could remember anything and everything about music. Priorities were right I suppose! The name just seemed perfect for the project.

Me: Yes, that makes perfect sense! How would you describe your music to people who have never heard of Goldfish before?

It’s a smash of Melodic, Organic and Deep House with live Instruments.

Me: So definitely something unique to you both then. Having read about your music and the multiple elements you include (house, pop, jazz and African music), have you found it hard to remain authentic to your music vision instead of conforming to more mainstream music genres?

GoldFish: This is a question we get asked a lot and it is an interesting balancing act. When you start out you’re just making music and there is no pre-conceived pressure from anyone (or yourself) to be anything. 5 Albums later and you have to get REALLY good at shutting out the external influences that may not be in the best interests for your music. Social Media, The Beatport charts, Festival line ups, Spotify playlists, Radio formatting…it can really mess with the music if you let it and having been around a while, it’s been interesting to see how some of our musical peers have handled it. We’ve almost been under the radar in some respects always doing our own thing and I think we got it right on our new album. The music on there is actually all the kind of music we wanted to make and there’s something there for all of OUR musical tastes.


Me: It is so refreshing to hear two artists so passionate about what they do and so grounded at the same time. How do you prepare for a gig beforehand? What is your ritual?

GoldFish: A little chest bump… (see our Instagram) maybe a tequila. Some Wim Hof deep breathing technique (check it out) It’s an interesting mix to be sure haha!

Me: I can’t say I have tried those techniques personally but maybe in the future haha… What are some of your memories before making it big? Did you have to have any awful jobs to support your careers as artists and musicians?

GoldFish: We both have only ever done music as a career. But I sold donuts (once) during a Rugby game at a stadium when I was in school. I was absolutely RUBBISH at it. That was enough inspiration to focus on music for sure. Dave and I actually played in a Jazz Band together before we started GoldFish. Weddings, Hotel lobbies, Birthdays…you name it. It was a lot of fun and we definitely had a lot of experience playing (seriously) 1000’s of those gigs before GoldFish which I think gives our music today a bit more depth. We always want our music to be timeless and to withstand repeat listening as a lot of Dance Music can be quite functional.

Me: It is lovely to see how your music has grown with you. Out of the live instruments you incorporate into your music, which is your favourite and why?

GoldFish: I guess the one we are most known for is the Saxophone. Dave has a Soprano, Alto and a Tenor and it’s definitely a GoldFish trademark from day one. In the studio anything goes though. I love our old Wurlitzer keyboard which is all over our stuff as it’s like a warm dusty record sample whenever we record it.

Me: As someone who can only play the triangle you have put me to shame! How does performing in London compare to other places you have performed in the world? Where has been your favourite place and why?

GoldFish: London always goes off. It’s a great Dance Music destination and people here have a strong music awareness which we definitely sense on stage. This is our third time at Electric Brixton and it always is a highlight in our year.

Me: Good answer! Have you got any exciting plans or projects coming up in the near future?

GoldFish: A Duluxe release of our latest album Late Night People which will feature remixes by us and some of our favourite producers. Plus, we are working on some really awesome low tempo stuff at the moment that we are really excited about. We’re feeling really good about the music we are making at the moment so it’s gonna be a good year!

Me: I look forward to giving it a listen. Lastly, if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

GoldFish: GoldFish Man! A super hero who can make you forget if you had a crappy day in exactly 3 seconds. See you at Electric Brixton.


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