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Are you bored of opting for the same basic burger with the same topping combinations? Or do you no longer want to pay the extortionate prices of Five Guys or Byron? Well, Built Burger might just be the solution to end all of your problems.

Recently opened, Built Burger can be compared to the ‘burger version’ of Subway. First up, guests choose their burger option: Angus Beef, Natural Chicken, Turkey or Vegan Veggie. Then guests select their desired choice of cheese: Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack, American, Blue Cheese followed by what kind of bun they would prefer to sandwich their filling with from a choice of: Brioche, Whole Wheat, Gluten Free, Lettuce Blend or Mixed Greens. Last but not least, guests can complete their meaty masterpieces with the variety of toppings and sauces that are on offer (too many to list in one go here). Guests really are spoilt for choice throughout every process of creating their burger!

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One of the most unique things about Built Burger, aside from the fact they allow you to create your very own custom burger, is that they prioritise quality above all else. To go into more detail, Built Burger pride themselves on providing guests with humanely raised and handled, antibiotic and hormone free, vegetarian-fed, 100% natural beef, as well as natural chicken and natural turkey. They also go out of their way to create an option for non-meat eaters that is just as tasty and wholesome as their meat options. Their vegan veggie burgers are made daily using eleven different ingredients, all of which are hand-made and grilled ready to order. So if you have not already gathered from what I have said before, their burgers are undeniably fresh and ethically pleasing.

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The combinations and flavour possibilities are endless, ensuring there really is something for everybody and that their franchise stands out from all other burger restaurants and chains. I must also mention although how incredibly affordable Built Burger affordable is; a single burger, chips and a bottomless drink cost less then £10. This included unlimited options of toppings such as salad, coleslaw, jalapeños, cranberries and tortilla strips and more unorthodox sauces such as sweet sriracha, teriyaki, dijon balsamic, olive oil & vinegar, to rival the usual mayo, mustard or ketchup! Built Burger also includes a variety of fries based sides, as well as drinks such as craft beer, coca cola products, lemonade, ice tea and even shakes to wash your custom made dream burger down! Overall, a visit to Built Burger will leave you feeling more than satisfied, especially because you are put in charge of creating your own meal. So not only do you leave felling full, but also proud of your newly found culinary genius skills!

So the next time you suddenly get a craving for a burger that is not your basic McDonald or Five Guys, why not give Built Burger a go, and unleash your inner chef. What is more, the restaurant itself, aside from being clean, is aesthetically pleasing and inviting with a variety of seating options available. So what are you waiting for? Why not head down to Built Burger and take a picture of your creation to rival mine?

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Website: http://www.builtcustomburgers.com

Address: 112 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, IG1 4LZ

Nearest Train Station: Ilford Station

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