Sense of Space: art pop-up installation

When you think of central London, you probably think of people rushing about in crisp suits, the tall skyscrapers that form the concrete jungle that is the city, and public transport. You probably do not think of an illuminated pink blossom tree, or of a room resembling a typical slumber party found in girly teenage movies. However, prepare to think again. Up until the 18thof May a pop-up art installation will occupy Exchange Square, Broadgate. The aim of this engaging and multi-sensory exhibition is to ‘activate your senses and rescue your mind’. Four rooms have been specially designed to energise your mind, body and soul. Once you enter the metallic cube, the interior is truly deceiving; it is hard to imagine that the hustle and bustle of the city is what lies on the other side of the wall! In a maze like fashion, visitors start in one room and must find the door hidden in each room so as to access the next one, finally emerging in fresh air at the end. Surrounding the space of the pop-up are Supermundane’s iconic and garish graphics which play with optical effects and geometric shapes to provide visitors with a visual feast.

The first room is known as ‘The Doodle Room’ and as the name suggests, the walls are a sprawling mass of black doodles on a white background- think of a colouring page before the colour has been applied! This room is designed by ‘Mr Doodle’, a self-proclaimed ‘crazy doodler’ and artist. His designs suck visitors in and are strangely hypnotic to look at. The second room (and my personal favourite) is known as ‘The Infinity Garden’ and was created by floral design studio Early Hours. The indoor garden consists of a never-ending, abstract meadow of blossom trees that provide the perfect setting for Instagram worthy photos. What’s more, sounds of nature are emitted throughout the room, alongside floral scents that engage the nose and mind. This room is influenced by the Japanese custom of flower viewing as part of the season of Hanami, in which it is the norm for people to gather and sit under cherry blossom trees!

The third room is known as ‘The Motion Box’, it is a blacked-out space with two sets of red footprints on the floor, as well as an electronic screen on the far wall. This room uses gesture recognition technology to translate visitors’ movements into a sequence of colour and light, all the while focusing the mind on sight and sound. Visitors can also select a music genre, one example being ‘rebellious’, to inspire their movements and enhance their experience. Last but not least is ‘The Zen Studio’ and as the name suggests, the overall vibe of this room is one of comfort and relaxation. This room allows you to sit down and take a break from the chaos of everyday life, something which many of us very rarely do. The emphasis here is on tranquillity and thought; pastel colours and a soft carpet adorn the walls and floor and the main space of the room is dominated by a giant pink bean bag with fluffy white cushions. Lavender is pumped into the room as music is played overhead, do you feel yourself unwinding already?

The exhibition is open Monday to Saturday 11:00am – 8pm and Sunday 12pm- 6pm. However, it will be closed to the public on Wednesday nights from the 18 of April until the 16thof May for a Silent Cinema. For more information and how to get there, visit:

Nearest Station: Liverpool Street

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