VA – the app that will help you budget whilst at Uni

Let’s talk about money. It can be a sensitive subject for students. You start university and have to be independent, no longer are you able to rely on the steady income from the bank of ‘Mum and Dad’. Instead, that’s right, I am going to say it… you have to become an adult. And adulthood is synonymous with responsibility and more specifically, being responsible for your own finances. We all know how it is, as a third year writing this I am somewhat of a pro. At the start of each semester when Student Finance drops you feel untouchable, you splash the cash like there is no tomorrow; I mean, who needs to cook when you can eat out at restaurants every night? However, as the weeks roll by you find yourselves becoming more desperate as your money seems to have disappeared, I am talking five tins of beans and a loaf of mouldy bread in the fridge kind of desperate.

Well that could all be about to change. As I have progressed throughout my years at Queen Mary I have learnt to budget my money more carefully (admittedly with the help from my parents). I was recently contacted by Efe Imoloame who founded the app: “VA – Discover Local Deals”, based on his own experiences of budgeting his money whilst at university. He confessed that he often wondered what offers he had missed out on at his Local Tesco’s whilst studying and the idea of being the most frugal with his money is what has influenced this app. This makes me more inclined to try the app out for myself given the fact that it was created by a former student who has first hand experience with the struggles of juggling money that we as students are currently facing.

So how does VA work? And what exactly is it? VA is an app for discovering offers such as price reductions, sales and daily deals that local businesses are offering in your area. Local businesses such as supermarkets, SMEs and restaurants are able to upload their offers using a sister app called “VA Business”. This app has recently launched in London and Queen Mary students will be delighted to know that the company has started signing up businesses close to Queen Mary’s Mile End campus. This means that our students can cash in on (pardon the pun) these great offers and avoid dipping into their overdrafts or asking for loans from family members. The app also offers students the chance to share the deals and offers they discover with their friends, as well as the option to save what they discover for later. Sounds pretty good right?

Although there are plenty of good deals for students to take advantage of, from websites such as Unidays and businesses that accept student cards, it always helps to know that there are more out there and surely one more app on your phone won’t hurt? Give VA a download and try it out for yourself, you never know you might actually save some money and learn to budget more efficiently…

For more information, visit the following link:

The app can be found using the following link:

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